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Jan 5, 2010 09:11 AM

Good pancakes, bacon and eggs near 55th & 7th?

Hi folks, looking for a great diner style spot near 55th & 7th for great pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. Nothing fancy, just a hearty breakfast to last the day.

Happy to walk a fair distance for a good breakfast and in any direction.

I believe the restaurant at our hotel (Park Cafe) is ok, but any other recs?

Thanks guys

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  1. Brooklyn Diner at 57th/7th? (Walk up 7th and turn left) Not cheap but should suit you fine.

    1. Cosmic Diner on 8th avenue and 52nd (or maybe 53rd) Street. It's very reasonable and the food is good. the Park Cafe is totally overpriced. Also not bad (I did not say great, just not bad) is Apple Jack on 55th and Broadway - it's good for a time crunch tho.