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Jan 5, 2010 08:58 AM

Casual quiet dinner in E 80's area

Looking for a quiet (3 geezers want to have easy conversation), casual (one geezer visiting only has beige jeans) with good food and drink (we my be geezers, but....)somewhere in a multi block area of 84th. and Madison. $$$ not a huge issue. Thanks.

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    1. Spigolo on 81st and 2nd shouldn't be too loud.
      Sfoglia at 92nd catty-corner from the Y
      Erminia on 83rd near 2nd
      Kings' Carriage House on 82nd near 2nd

        1. re: jycnyc

          I really like Cafe D'Alsace on 2nd Avenue and about 88th-89th street, Part of the group that includes French Roast. This one is Belgium/French bistro-y and very good. Anything from amazing kobe burger to choucroute platter to duck. Not necessarily super quite but more so probably now than on a weekend. Think kinder gentler east side version of Balthazaar in atmosphere

          1. re: lbrawer

            I like Cafe D'Alsace, but I wouldn't say it was quiet at all. Lots of hard surfaces make it pretty loud when it fills up.

            1. re: lbrawer

              It is not (sic) Belgium. It is Alsation, hence the name Cafe d'Alsace.

              1. re: gutsofsteel

                Agreed to both comments-- the Belgian part was related by the owners who told me most of their beers (numerous) and those cool colored selzer bottles are in fact Belgian-inspired.
                Have eaten there often since its about the best in my immediate neighborhood and while it can get loud, its been less so lately, particularly earlier in the evening.
                Love the goat cheese and onion tart.

          2. I highly recommend Spigolo, on the corner of 2nd & 81st. Because the room is very small, the table spacing is a bit cramped. But the noise level is conversation-friendly. Most importantly, the food is superb. (Jeans in any color are totally acceptable.)

            Photos of the dinner I had there in September can be seen here:

            1. Le Bouef a la Mode-E. 81st