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Jan 5, 2010 08:43 AM

Lunch in the Mile End area

Hi Anyone have any good ideas for lunch in the Mile End area this Friday? I was hoping to check out the Sparrow but it seems as though it may be closed. My friend and I are looking for someplace warm and cozy with great food.

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  1. Maybe Ramen-ya for a comforting bowl of ramen with a side of gyoza?

    1. I've read good things about EM café on Parc, which was also featured in the Guide Restos Voir TV show as a good place for brunch/lunch. Really cozy and great for families. See pics and daily menu on their web site:

      1. Jun-i and Milos would be on my short list, especially if great food trumped warm and cosy. Maria Bonita's always reliable. Would also be curious to try Les Deux Singes de Montarvie.

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          Is Maria Bonita open for lunch? Every time I've been by in the daytime, they've been closed (which is why I have yet to have eaten there...)

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            Hmm. They used to be, as is confirmed by the Hour and Mirror reviews of several years ago. A couple of newer online guides I checked don't list lunch hours, yet Google's own listing does. Calling the resto gets the answering machine, which says they're closed until January 4 (hello!).

        2. Rumi at the corner of Fairmount and Hutchison might fit the bill. I love the space, I find it very cozy. They serve middle eastern comfort food (tagines, kebabs) - perfect for winter weather.

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            Good call! Didn't know they opened for lunch but, according to their website, they do.

          2. Euro Deli Batory. Cheap Eastern European comfort food done well.