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Jan 5, 2010 08:29 AM

Old Montreal Restaurant-recommendations? Near Centaur Theatre

A group of 7 is going to a Saturday matinée play at the Centaur, and we would like your help in deciding on a restaurant for lunch. I like Ganges. Do you have any other suggestions for us?

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  1. IIRC Ganges is not open for lunch on Saturdays. You could try Bonaparte or Le Bourlongeur.

    1. Gandhi. http://www.restaurantgandhi.com/

      Very good Indian cuisine, very close to the Centaur, designed to appeal to the Western palate (i.e., you have to beg for spice) but definitely tasty and well-executed.

      Another Indian resto opened up fairly recently in the OP - Mirchi. But I haven't been.

      Other (non-Indian) spots close by:
      - L'Orignal (chalet-chic http://www.restaurantlorignal.com/
      - Stash Café http://www.stashcafe.com/index.html

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        Gandhi is not open for lunch on Saturdays and neither is L'Orignal.

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          Mirchi is great, definetely worth a try. Not sure if they're open for lunch though.

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            Oh sorry - I missed the "lunch" part!
            You could also try Verses, in the Hotel Nelligan... http://www.versesrestaurant.com

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              yes it is. i have been there for a team lunch at work. I really enjoyed the meal, although it's quite expensive for indian food

          2. OP- i am think u want lunch and not specifically Indian

            from what i have seen busy for lunch:
            le bourlingeur and tokyo on st. paul/francois xavier

            S le rest.. @ St Sulpice is abt. @15-20 for sat. lunch, nice ambience as u can see the horse carriages go by (resto is below street level), food?

            love the vibrant ambiance/decor of Barroco ( 1 block down/2 blocks west of Centaur) but is $$ for the value

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              I don't think that Barroco does lunch.

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                You're right divya-Indian is not a requirement. I checked Le Bourlingeur and S@St-Sulpice and neither serves lunch, and as eat2much said, no lunch at Barroco. I'll keep searching.

              2. How about the Pointe-a-Callieres restaurant? It is not big, so you should make a reservation, but the last time I was there food and service were very good.

                1. Never been - but Gibby's? I hear it's a great place...