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Jan 5, 2010 08:24 AM

ISO: Great dinner near LIU - Brooklyn

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! VERY open to any cuisine / price range, looking for a cute date place near the LIU - Brooklyn campus (at the intersection of Flatbush and Decatur) for Thursday night. Would prefer red-sauce Italian if possible, but really open to any ideas. Caffe E Vino looks like the current favorite.

Thanks very much. Kobi

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  1. frannys 295 flatbush 7 minutes away is ab fab pizzas and pasta superb

    1. If you want red-sauce Italian in that neighborhood, you're right: Caffe E Vino is the best choice. Don't bother with Scopello (the other Italian joint nearby,) the food and service are not good. Caffe E Vino has good food and is small and intimate. You can also have a good Italian meal at Graziella's on Vanderbilt Ave, but that's at least a 15 minute walk from LIU.

      If you are open to other cuisines, there is a good Ethiopian place called Bati on Fulton St (around South Elliott I think?) For burgers, try 67 Burger on Lafayette Ave.

      Depending on how close you want to be to LIU, there are a bunch of other options further into Fort Greene.

      I'd recommend:

      No. 7 (on Greene Ave) for an edgier culinary experience. A little more expensive, but it's a date, right? Not as expensive or precious as iCi.

      Brooklyn Public House (on DeKalb) for beer and fish & chips.

      Olea (on Lafayette) for small plates / mediterranean.

      Or, you can easily walk to Park Slope. Many options there. Not much in downtown Brooklyn I'm afraid, unless you want to go with Junior's. (Which could be great, but maybe not for a first date. Need to know more about your situation before recommending that.)

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        Grazielle's was on the show "The Best Ting I Ever Ate"

      2. Had a delightful dinner at Caffe e Vino this evening. Place is cozy, staff is lovely. Wine and beer only, I think. I had pasta with mixed mushrooms -- quite good -- and the ricotta cheesecake was delicious. So totally different than regular cheesecake. Light and airy.

        1. Thanks everyone for the help!! Ended up having my plans canceled, but probably going to be back that way in the next month or two. Thanks again.