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Jan 5, 2010 07:37 AM

Brunch in Forest Hills

I need to plan a Sunday morning brunch for 30-40 people prior to my son's Christening at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs on Queens Blvd at Ascan. I'm looking for suggestions of places nearby that could accommodate a private brunch party and are not too expensive. Thanks.

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  1. You could try Portofinos which is across the street but the food is disgusting.
    East Ocean Palace next to Sam Ash is gret but may not cater to 40 people.
    Bon Fire is a block away on austin and 72nd road which may be able to cater the 40 ppl.
    Honestly I would travel outside of forest hills for better food options. FH is just garbage.

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      No, I don't own this place, but I am going to suggest Dee's on Metropolitan again. I don't know about brunch, but they are large enough to accommodate you and may even have a separate room.

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        I must strongly disagree. Portofino's is a very pretty restaurant with equally nice service and decent Italian-American food. For the convenience of being across the street from the church it is a very good option.

        Portofino Restaurant
        109-32 Ascan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

      2. you will need a place that has a private room or will close for you.
        The family restuarant is down the block and has a private room, I cant speak to the food
        Dee's has a private room, as does the woodhaven house (which my friend used after a christening and they did a nice job). Also my kitchen has a room, I liked the food there, but my friends did not.
        the other suggestion I have is Da'Salvina on Yellowstone, they dont do a lunch and will give you the whole place until usualyl 4pm. We did a party there and it was great, the owner Joe is very accomadating and will really work with you to create a menu and the food is awesome.

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          sorry for the spelling, i didnt check it before i sent it :)

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            Dasilvana is good suggestions, family restaurant is poison is you're looking to sicken your entire crew, and Dee's is attractive and okay foodwise--but the op request of sunday morning means breakfast brunch items, and don't think either of those fit the bill..perhaps after the christening for more lunch type, but not early late morning---what might work better is Just Like Mother's (polish ) which is very close to the church, and will feature more breakfast type items, and the size is right for their needs..I would give them a call and see if they could work it out. It's inexpensive enough and the atmosphere is decent. Also, the new Manor Oktoberfest (there's one in Atlas Park-) opened on Yellowstone in Forest Hills in the steak place that went out, they have a private party room, however they open at 12 on sunday, and they do not do breakfast, but do lunch and dinner...--so if you switch to lunch, that would work as well---their number is 718-544-2400

            Just Like Mother's
            110-60 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, 718-544-3294

        2. Definitely go to Dee's. They've got a private party room, great food, and excellent service!

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            Noticed as I was driving on Metropolitan the other day and stuck in traffic that the Sizzler had a sign on front that said brunch served and private room available...and they've got a parking lot, so maybe for that kind of stuff, it's passable...don't know, never eaten there....but, there is always a crowd for whatever that's worth...

          2. You could try the new Manor Oktoberfest on Yellowstone. I used to go to the tiny one in Atlas Park but they took over PJ's Steakhouse's old location on Yellowstone by Austin. We went to the new location recently and the food was just as good, if not better, and it's HUGE. I didn't go all the way to the back but I imagine they could accommodate your group. The service was great too.

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              they have no brunch there, I called, and suggested that they should have one. Only lunch and dinner

            2. Perhaps I can help, I am the owner of Manor Oktoberfest Forest Hills and would love to do a brunch for you event. Please call me anytime 917 582 9665 Mark