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Jan 5, 2010 07:35 AM

what to make with lobster broth that is not super expensive?

We splurged on Christmas eve buying lobsters, and now have 3 quarts of really good lobster stock in the freezer. I want to make a soup or other great recipe, but would rather not spend another arm and leg buying tons of fish/seafood. Any ideas for a moderate recipe where I would make the best of this stock? I wanted to make risotto, but my husband thinks that would be 'wasting' the stock and would prefer a soup.

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  1. I agree that risotto would use up way too much of your precious stock. However, you could think about using chicken broth, white wine and a cup or two of your lobster stock to finish it at the end. Top with some nice big shrimp, maybe some scallops and a handful of peas (or not!).
    Same thoughts go for a paella.
    Bouillabaisse would be very nice with whatever was fresh and cheap at your market.
    Oh, and consider adding saffron to any of the dishes you make with the broth.
    Good luck!
    ps...with REALLY good lobster stock on hand, go ahead and splurge just a bit again!

    1. I seconde the paella, I made some NewYears and it was a hit. Lobster broth woulkd have been GREAT. You could use monk fish, shrimp, and clams. That wouldn't be too big of a splurge.

        1. I think risotto would be perfect. I would keep it simple, shrimp and asparagus tips.

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            If i only use lobster broth (instead of a combo), will it be too lobster-y?

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              yes, and you only need 3 cups or so, since you have 3 qts, you will have plenty left over.

          2. I think you have enough for risotto and a soup..personally, I wouldn't mess up the flavor of the lobster stock by mixing it with chicken unless you want to use another type of seafood stock like fish or clam. I'd do seafood dumplings and let them simmer in the lobster stock...simple & perfect. You can use whatever seafood is cheap at the time because you only need a small amount; bay scallops, baby shrimp, even salmon.