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Jan 5, 2010 07:22 AM

Looking for Paso Robles Information?

My husband and I are looking for a weekend getaway, and would like to plan our trip around food (of course). I've heard of a few places in the Paso Robles area, but I have no idea how far the distances are between the wineries. We have heard the restaurant at Justin is amazing, so that is going to be a stop, but any suggestions on other places? Here are the other places I've heard of that are good places to be, but seem to be spread all over the place... Eberle Winery, Peachy Canyon, Adelaida.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? We are looking to be there from Thursday-Sunday. (driving up from San Diego).


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  1. There are a couple of long posts discussing Paso wineries. Search and you'll find them.

    I have a few blogposts about Paso restaurants:

    I also have had good meals in the past from Bistro Laurent. For informal Mexican influenced breakfast/lunches, Los Robles Cafe has never disappointed me.

    You should have a good time. With that number of days, you will be able to hit all the wineries you want as well as have some great meals.

    I should add that it's best to stay close to the park in the middle of town so that you can walk to and from most restaurants.

    1. Justin is about a 25 minute drive from Paso. My mom lives past there and I drive the road all the time. It's very scenic and rural - you'll love it. Justin has a bed and breakfast you can stay at or perhaps you can make reservations to dine there. I would absolutely call first if you want to eat there and not just taste. You can do a loop in the Justin direction and hit Adelaida and Tablas Creek.

      Start your trip in Paso with a quick stop at the Chamber of Commerce visitor's center next to the park. you can pick up a winery map there and plan out which one's to hit. One place I would definitely see is Four Vines on 46 West. They have great wine and just opened a little locavore gourmet deli, Farmstand 46. They source a lot of ingredients right out of their own garden. I had an incredible sausage pizza from an outdoor wood-fired oven, a savory and delicious couscous soup, and a pulled pork sandwich called 'The Goat.' They also have an impressive cheese case. Again, I'd check first on their hours. Right next door and across the street you can visit Zin Alley and Turley. You're in for some great zins on the central coast. If you get a chance to try J. Dusi zinfandel I think it's the best one in the area.

      As for other great eats...
      Templeton is just the next town over and a quick drive. McPhee's is always great. I've probably eaten there 100 times and I always leave happy. The farmer's market Saturday morning in the park is really amazing, too.

      For Paso: Artisan for sunday brunch or dinner, Amsterdam Coffee House for coffee and sandwiches, Two Little Birds Bakery from yummy cupcakes and sticky buns and the cheese shop next door, Hotel Cheval for a little wine tasting an hors d'oeuvres, and Vinotecca for live music and wine-maker events. I also love this little authentic Mexican dive called Hacienda El Paso on Spring Street. Il Cortile is a new place I haven't tried yet but I've heard good things. That's about all I'd recommend to a foodie. The other places are decent, but nothing special.

      One, final note. If you're up for it take the scenic 46 west all the way to the coast. It's about a 40 minute drive to many great restaurants over there like The Sea Chest or Cass House. It's really beautiful over there this time of year.