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Jan 5, 2010 06:45 AM

Fine Dining Kosher Delivery

Yes, I know. Not an easy one...

About six times a year I am either arranging for or cooking a sit down meal for 40-70 people that includes a handful of Kosher diners. I do not have a Kosher kitchen, so I need to order in. I am nearly always disappointed.

The meals are American/French in style, so ordering some Indian, while perhaps tasty, doesn't really work. I'd like to keep it in the general framework of the whole dinner.

I have been happiest with The Prime Grill and Solo. Levana used to be my go to...

Our dining room is located at 58th and Lex, as far as delivery area goes.

If you had to order in Kosher meals for a plated dinner (money not a big concern) what would it be?


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  1. You might get more help if you post this on the kosher section of CH.

    1. Try Simply Divine. They have always done a really great job.
      Food is very tasty and beautifully presented.