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Where to buy a Kaffir Lime plant?

I have looked and looked....I want to grow my own because it's impossible to find it at the stores it seems. Any thoughts? (Any tips of growing it well would also be appreciated!)

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  1. if anybody will have one or know how to grow it here it's North Haven Gardens http://www.nhg.com/

    1. I haven't had much luck with local nurseries acquiring plant life that is not generally accepted as "practical" for this growing area. The reputable nurseries (NH being one) are genuinely concerned about the money that will be wasted on a plant that will likely not survive ---- ie, die, and they flat won't special order it.

      Anyway, if North Haven, nor other local nursery can't help you, you may try this online source. http://dwarfcitrustreenurseryonline.com/

      1. I've never not found it at the Asia World grocery store on Legacy.

        1. I have always found them frozen at the big Asian supermarket on Josey just north of 161. I usually buy a bunch and keep them in my freezer.

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            That'd be Carrollton Plaza.

            3040 North Josey Lane
            Carrollton, TX 75007

          2. You might try this place.

            Sunshine Miniature Trees
            7118 Greenville Avenue
            Dallas, TX 75231
            (214) 691-0127

            1. You *might* try Spiceman's. Tom seems to have the nack for the strange and unusual. Seen odd trees at Jimmy's a few doors down as well, but think those were olives which makes sense.

              You want the whole tree eh? They do well in pots as I have seen this before.

              1. Asia World has pretty much ANYthing you might be searching for ... my first visit ended in sensory overload!

                For a good mail order source for fresh leaves, this is pretty reasonable (especially considering the price includes 2-day shipping):


                It may not be humid enough in this area to grow Kaffir. They do generally grow in more humid regions of the world (though I never thought I'd be saying that DFW was not humid enough!). Anyway, good luck. And do try Asia World if you get a chance.

                1. I got mine from http://www.fourwindsgrowers.com/lore/... but had to ship to my sister's and pick up. Had it for 6+ years and it provides a good harvest. I have to store over the winter in the garage, but it seems for as long as I have had it.

                  1. There are two places that you can find kaffir lime plants in Dallas.

                    The Dallas Wat thai Buddhist temple (Forest Lane @ Stultz Road) has food vendors out back on Sunday early afternoons. They almost always have kaffir lime plants (as well as lots of authentic traditional thai foods).

                    Also, Na Linh market on old Irving Blvd just off Loop 12 sometimes has them. This is a small thai/laotian market with a lunch counter in the back with great food cheap! http://www.yelp.com/biz/nalinh-market...

                    Most of the local vietnamese/thai/laotian flavored markets have the leaves, usually in the freezer section for $1 a bag.