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Jan 5, 2010 06:28 AM

Where to buy Sushi grade fish in DFW?

Any thoughts? I want to make sushi at home, but don't know who sells sushi grade fish here in Dallas. If you know, please let me know!

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  1. Kazy's used to carry a wide selection of sushi grade fish but the last couple of times I've been in there, the selection has been sparse. Still worth a try though and it carries a lot of the items you need to make sushi at home like knives, mats, wasabi powder, plates, etc.

    Kazy's Gourmet Shop
    9256 Markville Drive
    Dallas, TX 75243
    (972) 235-4831

    1. any good frozen fish can be sushi grade. There's no government or legal definition of "sushi grade". It's just marketing.

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        You make a decent point but you're not entirely correct.

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          I was going to debate with you that most fish used for sushi is fresh and not frozen until I researched it and was surprised to learn that the majority of fish served as sushi was previously frozen.

          "But because of health concerns and growing demand, 50 to 60 percent of sushi in the United States is frozen at some point in its journey from the ocean, according to wholesalers. And rare is the sushi restaurant that tells customers upfront that they may be eating fish that has been in deep freeze for up to two years."

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            I've read the actual document before somewhere but I don't remember where. If there's a risk for parasites, it's required that the fish has been frozen before serving raw. If it won't be served raw, I don't think it's a requirement. Salmon and tuna require freezing for sushi. It's sort of complicated and I'm just a layperson.

        2. While you're at Asia World picking up the Kaffir lime leaves, check out the fish counter. I personally have not tried it yet, but they have a huge selection and I can't imagine it wouldn't be sushi grade, especially with the turn over they experience.

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            Korean stores will be better than Chinese stores for fish. Too bad Seabose closed--it was a Japanese fish store (the owner moved to NYC. He was mainly catering to the local Japanese, not knowing there aren't enough Japanese in DFW to support his business. He's still shipping fish to some local customers from NYC.).

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              their selection isn't half of the place over by Pho Bang in Garland. Although I don't know if that's "sushi grade" since half of it's sitting in ice filled coolers.

              1. Check out Seabose in Carrollton. There are several discussions on this board about the place.

                Nevermind, Al Gore's interweb tells me that Seabose is closed.

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                  They closed last year, as posted above.