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Jan 5, 2010 06:24 AM

Any new restaurants opening in 2010 in Orlando???

Just putting a feeler out there to see if anyone knows of any new spots set to open this year, or maybe a recent new opening from late 2009 that hasn't been discussed. Any category is fine...

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  1. i did a quick search:
    "Smashburger franchise to open in Orlando in early 2010"

    "Mochi Frozen Yogurt opens in the Orlando Plaza Cinema area downtown"

    cant find much else for now

    1. Winter Park Fish Company just opened two weeks ago on Fairbanks -- stopped in over the weekend for a nice bowl of Cioppino, a decent glass of wine, and a fish-of-the-day wrap. Casual, funky atmosphere where you place your order at the counter first. Also a small seafood market, which I predict will go away ($28 a pound for grouper?) to make room for more tables (and hopefully table service).

      1. I've been very curious about this place that just opened up next to Cedars on Sandlake

        Le Rouge Tapas and wine bar. They just posted a menu and I sounds delicious.

        Can't wait to try it.