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Suggestions for the best Greek restaurant in or near Tarpon Springs?

Suggestions for the best Greek restaurant in or near Tarpon Springs?

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  1. I like Costa's or Mykonos. At Costa's I usually get the whole snapper and the charbroiled octopus. They also have a really good sampler platter. Very large portions.
    If you go to mykonos they have a very decadent dessert of tiramisu filling layered with baklava and white chocolate. Definitely one to share!

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      Agreed Costa's is my first pick and Mykonos second.

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        Honestly, I think Mykonos is great when you are really craving authentic Greek food. They are also opening a new restaurant too. They are opening a new place too called 'Demitri's on the Water'. I'm going to have to check that out too.

        628 Dodecanese Blvd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

      2. I second Costa's...their food is outstanding and very authentic. They also have some items on the menu that I haven't seen at other places in Tarpon Springs (Horta, etc.) Outside of Tarpon, Greek Town Grille in Clearwater is phenominal...some of the best grilled octopus around. http://www.greektown-grille.com/

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        1. I agree about Costa's. Always delicious and the family that runs it have been there forever and are extremely nice.

          1. i guess i'm the only one who didn't like costa's or mykonos. the only greek place i've loved is hellas; never had a meal there i didn't like. unless you count the greek pizza kitchen...i've got a thing for their homemade sangria.

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              Reaffirm Hellas. The Greek-style snapper is killer. I also liked Bills Lighthouse before they closed a few years back

            2. can anyone recommend a good Greek restaurant - NOT too pricey - in the Orlando area near the airport?? thanks

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                You might want to start a new thread with Orlando in the title.

              2. I think that a really good Greek restaurant to check out in the Tarpon Springs area is The Greek Pizza Kitchen. They have a fresh flair on Pizza. Unlike other pizza places in the area who will remain anonymous, the toppings were really fresh. It's like a cross between a Italian Pizzeria and Greek Restaurant. It's worth checking out.

                They also have a killer Greek Salad. I'll have to get that again next time. Something about the Greek Dressing, its unlike any of the restaurants around.

                Also, we didn't have to pay for parking. They have their own free parking lot.


                Greek Pizza Kitchen
                619 N. Pinellas Ave., Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

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                  is there anywhere in Tarpon where you have to pay for parking at a restaurant??!?

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                    The public lot near the sponge docks you have to pay to park.

                2. Old thread, but seems to be the most recent on topic...

                  Of the Greek restaurants you recommend in T.S., do most of them have decent Greek wine lists?

                  Many thanks!

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                    Hella's. Get the Greek-style grouper. It will knock you out.