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Jan 5, 2010 05:40 AM

Suggestions for the best Greek restaurant in or near Tarpon Springs?

Suggestions for the best Greek restaurant in or near Tarpon Springs?

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  1. I like Costa's or Mykonos. At Costa's I usually get the whole snapper and the charbroiled octopus. They also have a really good sampler platter. Very large portions.
    If you go to mykonos they have a very decadent dessert of tiramisu filling layered with baklava and white chocolate. Definitely one to share!

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      Agreed Costa's is my first pick and Mykonos second.

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        Honestly, I think Mykonos is great when you are really craving authentic Greek food. They are also opening a new restaurant too. They are opening a new place too called 'Demitri's on the Water'. I'm going to have to check that out too.

        628 Dodecanese Blvd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

      2. I second Costa's...their food is outstanding and very authentic. They also have some items on the menu that I haven't seen at other places in Tarpon Springs (Horta, etc.) Outside of Tarpon, Greek Town Grille in Clearwater is phenominal...some of the best grilled octopus around.

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        1. I agree about Costa's. Always delicious and the family that runs it have been there forever and are extremely nice.

          1. i guess i'm the only one who didn't like costa's or mykonos. the only greek place i've loved is hellas; never had a meal there i didn't like. unless you count the greek pizza kitchen...i've got a thing for their homemade sangria.

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              Reaffirm Hellas. The Greek-style snapper is killer. I also liked Bills Lighthouse before they closed a few years back

            2. can anyone recommend a good Greek restaurant - NOT too pricey - in the Orlando area near the airport?? thanks

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                You might want to start a new thread with Orlando in the title.