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Jan 5, 2010 05:17 AM

Dining at Sportello & Sofra

I'm in Boston for a day and am planning on going to Sportello. I know everyone says it's "casual Italian," but does that mean the restaurant itself is casual? More casual than No. 9, I presume? Just how casual IS it? I'm also interested to hear what people who have eaten there recently think of the food, or other recommendations for delicious, not-SO-fancy food.

Sofra. Is it better for breakfast or lunch? Is it counter or table service? I've heard great things about this place, but if anyone has other similar places to recommend I would gladly take them.


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  1. Sportello is quite casual - sit at the bar style seating with fixed chairs or in the handful of tables and chairs around the edges. Its definitely more casual that No9 - but I've seen business lunchers and the post-work crowd there.

    Haven't done breakfast at Sofra but the lunch is great. Its counter service with seating for maybe 25 people?
    Be sure to grab a whole bunch of things to go too - they have great takeout meals as well as their pastries and breads.

    1. Sofra is not crowded at breakfast but can fill up at lunch time. However if your not a pastry person for breakfast then I think the lunch is a better option. They certainly have other dishes besides pastries at breakfast (an egg sandwich, and egg and tomato dish, yogurts, etc) that all sound lovely but are not as good as the flat breads and dips at lunch time.

      All of the baked goods I've had there are delicious. I love the molasses clove cookies.

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        I ended up going for breakfast and it was soo lovely! Completely empty. I had the eggs poached in tomato with curry & pita crumbs which was really delicious and this crazy pistachio cream-filled rosewater glazed donut. Both very, very good.

        Lunch looked great, but I would definitely recommend breakfast, especially if you're looking for somewhere a little quieter...

        1. re: corinnerose

          Mmm, that tomato egg dish is good. My husband ordered that when I got the egg sandwich. The only thing I really liked about my egg sandwich was dipping it in that curry!

          Haven't seen that donut before but looked interesting