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Jan 5, 2010 05:06 AM

Weekday Lunch in Brooklyn


I'm looking for some suggestions of restaurants in Brooklyn that are open for lunch during the week (specifically on Tuesdays). My mom, a chef from out of town, visits on Tuesdays, and would love to check out some interesting places. She works nights, obviously, so she rarely gets a chance to check out the more interesting restaurants, which tend to be open nights or weekend days. We're very open to good ethnic cuisine, as that is usually easier to find open for lunch, but would also really love some more upscale options as well. I live in Prospect Heights, but we are very willing to travel.

Many thanks,


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  1. I love Aurora for lunch. Whenever I am not working, I try to go there for lunch. This would fall in the more upscale category rather than ethnic btw.

    1. PETER LUGERS for the hamburgers cheap and good
      diner in williamsburg is funky and down the block from lugers
      juniors for deli and the cheesecake at dekalb and flatbush is a legend

        1. re: StheJ

          That's a great suggestion, but I think Al di La is closed on Tuesdays. How about Zaytoons? Not as upscale but the food is good and they are open for lunch. There's one in Prospect Heights now too. Or are you looking for something a little higher end?

          1. re: chorosch

            Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I love Zaytoons and Aurora, and will definitely check them out for lunch. Anything higher end, or just really creative, would also be appreciated.

            1. re: snowbunny

              Last week my wife had lunch at Sweet Melissa on 7th ave in Park Slope and couldn't stop raving about it. I think the menu is kind of brunch-y, quiches & salads, that kind of thing.

              If you are willing to get on the B train for 10 minutes, come on out to Ditmas Park. Mimi's Hummus is AMAZING. The Farm on Adderley does a really nice lunch as well. It's not as far as you think.

        2. Hibino on Henry Streeet

          1. I second Hibino for good, creative japanese. Close by is Boca di Lupo, which I really like. It's delicious food and very cute. Stone Park cafe in Park Slope has a very good lunch menu (with a special 3 course meal for $20). We went there recently and it was super pleasant.