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Jan 5, 2010 04:29 AM

Pepe's in Yonkers -- Great Pizza

I have noticed a lot of negative posts about the new Pepe's, so I was a little wary when a group of us went last Saturday night. Since our experience was so positive, I wanted to begin a new post for those who have enjoyed their dining experience.

The line was out the door of the vestibule, and it was a very cold night, but it moved fairly rapidly. We were 6 and we waited for one of the large booths. We were extremely pleased that the designers had decided against packing the place cheek by jowl with tables. The restaurant was airy and spacious. My friend, who had visited three times before, said that she felt that the best strategy was to order small pizzas instead of the large or regular sized ones. This was a great idea since the small wedges were extremely manageable. With three teenage boys in our company, six small pies were the right amount to order. The pies were all delicious -- we had 2 cheese, 1 pepperoni, 1 chicken, 1 sausage and one shrimp with bacon. Our one disappointment was that they were out of clams, but the shrimp pizza was a nice, briny and credible alternative. All the pies had great char and were delivered fresh and hot. Having eaten most of the best pizzas in the county, I can say that Pepe's is a great addition to the area and my opinion is that there is none better locally. Pepe's stands heads and shoulders above every other pizzerias in Westchester.

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  1. Thanks, roxlet. I took the negative posts against Pepe's with a grain of salt.

    I'm glad to hear the Yonkers location is as good as the Fairfield and New Haven.

    I can't wait to get there, and hope they're not out of clams. There really is no excuse for that, really.

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      Completely agree with both your posts. Some people like to rag on certain restaurants because it is "the thing to do". Some people were complaining about this Pepes even before it was open! So yes, I also take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Pepes is one of those places that people love to hate. Yet, whenever I am there, people seem to enjoy the pizza (yes, I have talked to the people in line/next to us). For some strange reason, there is a certain crowd that hates places just because tons of others like them. If you don't like something because you don't like it; that is fine. But I think that is not the case with Pepes.

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        sometimes fresh clams simply are not available. Pepe's unlike Sally's refuses to use canned clams.

        1. re: biga290

          right you are re pepes and fresh clams simply one of the best treats in the world i like my clam pie with very soft bacon for the fatty salty combo'
          the fresh shrimp and bacon aint too shabby also

          1. re: foodismylife

            Yes, the shrimp and bacon was new for us and though it didn't replace the clam pie, it took the edge off our salty/briny pizza need. They did make it with cheese, and the next time, we would ask for it without...

          2. re: biga290

            but sally's still makes a much better pie than pepes (insert jfood ducking).

            there are many lovers and haters of pepes and likewise for sallys, and colony and tarry lodge and every other pizza place in the 'hood.

            If you guys want a love fest for pepes, go for it, but placing comps against others will turn this into a flame war and OT for the Mods.

            Jusy jfoods 2-cents.

            1. re: jfood

              i say live and let live
              its just like red and white
              thanks for both
              sallys fresh tomato slices in the summer are off the charts
              the fresh clam and shrimp at pepes are their best
              a mano in ridgewood
              mr ninos in harrison and patsys in paterswon are all amazing
              some times u feel like a nut sometimes u dont

        2. from what i've seen, almost every time a new restaurant is heralded as being good on chowhound there is a big backlash a'coming. it's a pretty lame dynamic.

          1. Just returned from Pepe's for lunch. Was really hoping to love the place, since I do love me some pizza. Pepe's pizza didn't do it for me at all. My son and I had the red with mozz. Very, very oily, greased with something that was not olive oil. Way too charred/ burned (and I really like well-done pies). Tasteless crust (well, tasted of being burned). Sauce was eh, ditto the cheese.
            These pies were distinctive, but not the flavors I look for. Definitely more character than pies from most pizza places, but again, not the pie for me. I'm not a basher, but I'm not a fan. Would not return, as there are better options near me.

            1. We tried the clam pie and loved it. We kept ohhing and ahhing for every bite. My husband is a pizza purist and doesn't consider it pizza because it doesn't have cheese and tomato sauce but that didn't stop him from loving it.

              The only downside we had was that it doesn't travel well. We ordered it one day and it didn't retain it's texture in the 15 minute car ride so we will only eat it on premise rather then take out. Maybe for people who live closer, that is not an issue.

              If someone doesn't like it - it just means shorter lines for me.

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              1. re: DobbsFoodie

                LOL! I agree! But the lines aren't short, so someone's loving it. We did drive past there tonight at about 5:30 and there was no line. We almost hit the brakes and skidded into the parking lot, but it was a bit too early for dinner.

              2. Nice review of Frank Pepe's in today's NY Times Metropolitan section. They have this new rating system that I'm not too fond of, but they deem Pepe's "worth it."