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Jan 4, 2010 11:05 PM

Food Walking Tours in Hong Kong

I'm a New Yorker in Hong Kong for the next two weeks and I am researching culinary tourism. Does anyone know of a food walking tour that's around (or less than) $100 USD that take abour 2-4 hours to complete?

I am also looking to interview food tour guides in Hong Kong and someone who has been on a food tour in Hong Kong.

Please let me know if you have any helpful suggestions!!!

Thanks chow hounders.

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  1. Andrew Chiu of Chopsticks will sort you out: I did a street food tour of TST, very informative and I think exactly what you're looking for.

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      Do you have any more information? A quick Google hasn't yielded anything concrete about this guy and what he does.

      1. re: Finch.

        I don't know if they have a website. He's a Hong Konger (though grew up partly in Oz, I recall) who with his business partner Katherine Pinckney ( conduct food tours. My GF found them through the YWCA, here's a link to the description of the one we did ( I am pretty sure they will do custom/private tours on request, so I suggest you get in touch to see what they can offer.

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          This is great! Please let me know if you know of any others. Also, I would love to speak to you coco if you have taken a tour since I am working on a research project involving food tours in Hong Kong.

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            Sweet, thank you very much. I'll report back :)

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              Coco this also interests me, but I cannot access the link you provided above, with the description of your tour with Andrew. Can you provide another link? thanks!

        2. My work colleague here in HK went on a walking tour led by a National Geographic travel writer. It wasn't exclusively for food, but he said she took him to some fabulous out-of-the-way joint for congee. She's more expensive than your budget limit, though, but my friend went with two other workmates and split the cost, so it worked out. The website is