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Jan 4, 2010 08:08 PM

Car for a day

I have a friend visiting my place in Brooklyn and I'd like to think of a fun place to visit in the city and have a good & inexpensive meal that's a little out of the way by public transportation, and ok for a cold day. Where would you go?

some ideas I had:
- Brighton Beach
- Flushing for a dumpling tour
- Red Hook bar crawl
- City Island seafood
- DiFara


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  1. I am going to throw out Arthur Avenue as an option, especially if you go before 6 so you can do a little shopping.

    1. Hello VeggieBooty,

      I wouldn't recommend bringing a car to the middle of Flushing these days unless you either get there very early or are willing to park on the periphery and walk 10 to 15 minutes to the center of things, in the cold, in the rain, uphill...both ways. Parking in Flushing lately is only for masochists. Don't do it. It will hurt you.

      For a cold day, perhaps either Polish or German food would be good.

      Bona (71-24 Fresh Pond Road) in Ridgewood) has pretty good pierogies and soups that are satisfying (pickle soup is usually a winner—don't let the name scare you—it's wonderful!). I've also liked their bigos but had mixed results with their stuffed cabbage. Parking usually isn't too bad around here though you might have to walk a block or two. There are also Polish bakeries, Eastern European delis and such nearby.

      In Glendale, Zum Stammtisch is very popular and they have a fun web site. (make sure your sound is on! - or off—depending!). I've eaten here only once and I thought it was only okay but I'm in the minority on this. A lot of folks really LOVE this place so if you choose to go, reservations will be necessary. Also, it's not cheap. Parking around this part of Glendale is tricky so you'll have to be a little persistent (but it's not anywhere nearly as bad as parking in Flushing).

      Also, if you're unfamiliar with Ridgewood or Glendale, be sure to bring along a map (or a navigation system would suffice). The street layout for Glendale and Ridgewood, which border each other, is labyrinthine (and beware of the local minotaur!). I visited Ridgewood for YEARS when I lived in Astoria and never even knew Glendale existed until I stumbled across it by taking a wrong turn.

      Good luck wherever you go!


      Glendale is hungry...

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      1. re: Glendale is hungry

        Thanks guys! I guess I should have specified, I live in Greenpoint so Polish food is not so exotic for me. I love the pickle soup at Lomzynianka and Krolewskie Jadlo!

      2. Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Westchester

        1. City Island is pretty and fun to walk around, but not in this weather! Brrrr!

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          1. re: Puppimus

            too bad there is no where decent to eat.

          2. Sripraphai! A pain in the neck to get to on the subway from Brooklyn, but pretty easy by car, and I've had a very easy time parking ever time I've driven there.