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Jan 4, 2010 07:56 PM

Dragon Fruits at 168 Market - Very Inexpensive

This past weekend, 168 Market had a bin of dragon fruits for $1.99/lb.
They were ripe, but not mushy, and I purchased a pretty large one for just over $2.00. I have never seen them at this price.

However, I do not understand their appeal. They are a gorgeous red color. When cut, the red skin against the speckled white interior is breathtakingly beautiful...but they have very little flavor.

What am I missing?

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  1. What you find in the supermarkets are not properly ripened when they are picked. Had the same impression as you until I tried one fully ripe just picked from the tree. Very sweet with a floral undertone.

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    1. re: Sgee

      Sgee, I think you are correct.
      I have been to the tropics, and some of those fruits can not be duplicated here in the States.
      For example, I have never found a plantain here in California to match those of my memory from Central America.
      I wanted to blame the market, but I think certain fruits just don't import well.

      1. re: Sgee

        Very true. The ones I've grown taste much better than those in supermarkets. But that's probably true for most fruits.

      2. Even when properly ripened, dragon fruit is not going to be overpoweringly sweet or flavorful. It's best described as understated sweetness -- sort of like an unripe bosc pear, or maybe grassjelly.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          "...unripe Bosc pear" is pretty accurate for texture, but surely mine did not have the floral tones of a pear. I was expecting something more distinct; I was expecting something that I could describe.

          1. re: liu

            The ones I've had in Asia(both red and white flesh) just tasted like kiwis without the tang.

            1. re: huaqiao

              Hi, huaqiao.
              The one I just ate had no tang; it also had no flavor.
              I did, however, enjoy the crunchiness of the black seeds.