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Jan 4, 2010 07:55 PM

Need recommendations for Anniversary Dinner and Breakfast/Lunch for Portsmouth, NH

Hi, going to Portsmouth, NH for Friday night/Sat am. Staying at the Sheraton and was wondering if anyone had any dinner recommendations for Friday night and breakfast/lunch for Sat mid-morning. We are not picky and don't need fine dining. Just want some good food.


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  1. if you like fish/seafood I would recommend Jumpin Jays Fish Cafe outside of Market Sq. -
    for breakfast, the Friendly Toast or the Golden Egg are both good.

    1. My husband and I went to dinner at Radici's in Portsmouth on a friend's recommendation and enjoyed it very much. I believe it's next door or very close to Jumpin Jay's Fish Cafe. I especially loved the warm vegetable salad.

      1. Hi- I will be doing the same the following weekend for Sat Night. Can you post where you ultimately go and how you liked it?

        We'll be looking for a place with good food (we ate at the brew pub last month when we were there just for the day and had a killer vension special, if that interests you) and then another (or same) spot for some drinks and music.

        Many thanks and have fun!

        1. Hi-
          going there this SAT night--can you post back with where you went and how it was? Curious minds and hungry tummies want to know!