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Dragon Fruit - I don't get it...

Is dragon fruit anything more than a pretty face? It is beautiful on the outside, and even more beautiful cut open with the contrast of the red skin against the white speckled interior...but it has very little flavor.
What am I missing?

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  1. i haven't had fresh dragonfruit since i was a kid, and it was only once - i don't really remember what it was like. but i tried the dried stuff from TJ's last year, and the flavor was much too mild for my tastes.

    1. It doesn't have much flavor (a mild sweet-sour tang) but I like the unique texture, it's refreshing, and it is very attractive served with other fruit. Lychees and mangosteen among others got it beat for tropical fruit flvor.

      1. best eaten chilled..nice addition to any fruit platter ( i serve it with kiwi and strawberries on the side)

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          Agree, definitely needs to be cold.

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            bettertart and sweethaven --
            I think you are right! This fruit might not stand well alone, but it might be a great team member. Perhaps, mixed with other fruits, it will take on some of their sweetness and flavor and contribute well to a fruit salad.

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              try it drizzled with honey. yum!

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                Sounds good...it does need some help!

          2. When I tried my first one, I thought the same thing. Then I got some free local ones that were perfectly ripe...and I was sold! They were spectacular. Delicate, but delicious.

            1. I've had them twice that I can remember. The first time, I remember thinking "Wow, this would have made me happier had we left it uncut as a table ornament" -- it struck me as watery and bland -- somehow reminded me of a low-quality Asian pear. The most recent time, though, it was much better -- definitely mild, yes, but the flavour was there. Was it worth the extra money? Nah, but it was good, and a neat change of pace.

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                Mostly, I have seen them as extravagant purchases, sometimes $12 or $15 each. That's a pretty nice (in your perfect words) table ornament!

                But this recent purchase was a bargain at $1.99/lb. The one I purchased cost just over $2.00. So, my disappointment was not at all influenced by what I paid.

                But your point is well taken. I would pay $2.00 to just look at this gorgeous fruit...a very impressive gift of nature. Still, with that first bite, its promise was not delivered.

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                  ive noticed the huge price drop here in calgary as well 12 bucks to under 2

              2. I was in Toronto last week and there's a produce stand (K&K) on Spadina just north of Dundas and they specialize in tropical fruit. When the woman at the cash register noticed i was buying a couple of Dragon Fruit she smiled, pointed to the Custard Apples and said, "You'll like these better." She was right.

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                  I LOVE K&K - great fruit selection and I've never been disappointed by the quality. They [sometimes] sell a yellow variant of the dragon fruit that I prefer, but all the same, the flavour (yellow or otherwise) is pretty mild. I happen to like them quite a bit as an ocassional indulgence, but I'm with the crowd in saying that it's not worth the price. I'd rather spend my money on getting more durian into my diet. :)

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                    Hi, WaterCons!
                    I think the woman at the K&K cash register guided you well!
                    I know the Custard Apple as a Cherimoya; I believe they are the same, or at least close relatives. The Cherimoya, when consumed at "proper" ripeness (a little soft but before it gets too squishy), is a wonderful treat! For my tastes, when it is too ripe, it takes on too much of an overripe banana flavor.
                    I also like the Cherimoya because the seeds are definite; they are large enough to find and discard...not too much of a struggle to enjoy the fruit.

                  2. I got addicted to Dragon Fruit when I went to Thailand and had it for the first time. Chill it and put some lime on it.....YUM!!!!

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                      taboo...thanks for your suggestion!
                      With its gorgeous color and nice, crunchy texture, it offers big promise! I like almost everything about it, but then it just doesn't deliver enough flavor for my taste.

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                        let me know what you think after you put the lime on it....makes such a difference