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Jan 4, 2010 07:40 PM

fried pickles and fried green tomatoes in central florida

weird request

looking for somewhere, can be anything from an actual restaurant, to a bar with snackfood, that serves such yummy junk food, as fried green tomatoes and friend pickles

something like peppers porch near hilton head is fine, as long as its some place i can go in to before its dark and all rowdy


oops. im looking for something in the orlando area, please tell me theres soemthign other than like a tgif, anything with in an hour, or even between orlando and tampa is all good

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  1. BB Kings Pointe Orlando of course

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    1. re: Tastersguilde

      heh, thats actually intriguing, i havent been there in years

      anyopne else have any other ideas?

    2. Hi,

      I have lived in Fla all my life and can't say as I have ever seen a fried pickle :-)

      But we do have many places that serve great green tom.I prefer my own,but Savannah's and Munch's in St.Pete are wonderful too.

      Take Care,Robin

      1. In Melbourne, Charlie & Jake's has fried pickles on their regular menu. You can wash them down with one of the beers they brew on premises.

        1. crooked bayou in downtown orlando has fried pickles i believe, ive yet to visit tho

          mama nems has fried green tomatoes as a side item as well as some yummy junk food good luck!

          1. The HarborSide restaurant in Winter Haven has fried green tomatoes, fried pickle chips, and fried okra in addition to seafood and sandwiches. Located just south of the Amtrack station on the banks of Lake Shipp.

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              We have Zellies here in Mount Dora! They do a mean fried pickle. They also have fried shrimp, fish, and roasted peanuts to go with your cold beer in the mason jar. Very down home and mostly locals and snowbirds!

                1. re: shoelace

                  Its about 45 min from downtown about 25 miles. Most people make a daytrip and visit dowtown mout dora. Then hit zellies for dinner after a day of sight seeing. Just drive about 15 miles nothwest of apopka on hwy 441.