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Jan 4, 2010 06:36 PM

Need recs for late night philly eats


Open to any and all suggestions-price ranges, etc. Coming to Philly for one night in March before heading to AC. Need recs for places open serving food past midnight. How about Monk's???? Thank you.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      getting in Wednesday at 11pm staying in old city/city center 13th/market area

    2. On a weeknight in that area, not a lot of decent kitchens are open past midnight. I'm pretty sure Good Dog serves that late--224 S. 15th Street. Wednesday is also half-price can night (and not just PBR). The BLT is to die for and comes with a great sweet/white fry mix.

      If everything else fails, there's always the Midtown Diner, 122 S. 11th. You could also hit Chinatown--anything open late is going to be good and full of staff getting off shift at the other places. I highly recommend Pho Xe Lua (Viet Thai) at 907 Race for late night, cheap dining. It's got a neon sign of a train in the window.

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      1. re: LisaPA

        Yea Good Dog serves until 1am and it is good. Not sure if the Monk's kitchen is open that late or not, but the food at GD is better anyway and they have a good beer selection, albeit a fraction of what is available at Monk's. Varga Bar at 10th & Spruce also serves until 1am and is similar combination of upscale pub food (confit wings!) and good beer. In that 'hood too is Tria, at 12th & Sprice, which is a wine/beer/cheese bar where you can nibble or get sandwiches I THINK until 1am, but I'm not 100% sure on that one.

        If you want cheap street food, you can hit Lorenzo's Pizza or Jim's Steaks on South St and easily catch a cheap cab back to your place.

        1. re: barryg

          Just remembered a couple places that are even closer. Both within a block of 13th & Sansom:
          TIme. I only ate one thing here--some sort of bison wellington or something?--and it was actually really good.
          Fergie's Pub - for very basic pub food. Not 100% sure how late the kitchen is open here.

      2. as long as you like asian food you'll be fine. 13th and market is two blocks from chinatown and many restaurants stay open past eleven. shiao lan kung is my personal favie and they sometimes stay open until one, they have odd hours now. david's mai lai wah is more than adequate as well and is open until i think 3 every night.

        any gastropub will suit you fine (good dog, varga bar et al) since they typically serve until 1 and i would also recommend tria at 12th and spruce (5 blocks away) since i believe they serve food until at least midnight (maybe until close). they are a wine/beer/cheese bar typically but they have very nice smaller dishes as well.

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        1. re: mazza3

          I second Varga Bar and Tria! Both are yummy and reasonably priced and have amazing beer lists. Tria also has great wine, too. If you're into Mexican food then El Vez is in the neighborhood and has decent Mexican (the guacamole is especially delish). Ladder 15 isn't bad either and has more gourmet pub food than somewhere like Fergie's.