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Jan 4, 2010 06:29 PM

What are your Late Night Snacks?

I tend to do a lot of admin work very late at night. I tend to get a little peckish when I do so. Tonight I had a bowl of cheerios and a grilled Cheddar, beef and onion sandwich. Last night it was a chip butty.

What are your Late Night Snacks?

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  1. I adore PB & J sandwiches so I eat that alot..also, extra sharp cheddar & crackers. Sometimes I'll get in the cereal mood so I'll have cherrios, rice krispies, frosted flakes or something like that or maybe something left over from dinner.

    I find that late at night, I crave carbs so my snacks are not the most healthy..I probably should make some oatmeal but I don't feel like cooking late at night. Last night I had both cheese & crackers & vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of milk...

    1. I vacillate between microwave popcorn, old school chocolate chip cookies and milk, and spiced nuts (i crave weird flavors at night).

      1. Fresh popped pop corn. Just got some carmel topping from the Amish PopCorn Co and it is pretty good. Not homemakde but for late night or football games - it all gets eaten.

        1. I can't go to sleep hungry, so before bed I'll often have a little something, like a bit of cottage cheese. Cheese and crackers (like aged gouda) is good too. I try not to make a meal of my midnight snack ;)

          1. Pretzels with a good honey-mustard on top
            Pita Chips with Hummus