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What are your Late Night Snacks?

I tend to do a lot of admin work very late at night. I tend to get a little peckish when I do so. Tonight I had a bowl of cheerios and a grilled Cheddar, beef and onion sandwich. Last night it was a chip butty.

What are your Late Night Snacks?

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  1. I adore PB & J sandwiches so I eat that alot..also, extra sharp cheddar & crackers. Sometimes I'll get in the cereal mood so I'll have cherrios, rice krispies, frosted flakes or something like that or maybe something left over from dinner.

    I find that late at night, I crave carbs so my snacks are not the most healthy..I probably should make some oatmeal but I don't feel like cooking late at night. Last night I had both cheese & crackers & vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of milk...

    1. I vacillate between microwave popcorn, old school chocolate chip cookies and milk, and spiced nuts (i crave weird flavors at night).

      1. Fresh popped pop corn. Just got some carmel topping from the Amish PopCorn Co and it is pretty good. Not homemakde but for late night or football games - it all gets eaten.

        1. I can't go to sleep hungry, so before bed I'll often have a little something, like a bit of cottage cheese. Cheese and crackers (like aged gouda) is good too. I try not to make a meal of my midnight snack ;)

          1. Pretzels with a good honey-mustard on top
            Pita Chips with Hummus

            1. Cheese. And sometimes ice cream.

              1. Cheese and crackers...or...fruit and a glass of milk...or peanut butter licked off of a spoon and a small glass of milk...or celery and carrots dipped in salad dressing.

                1. I just had some oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar. Can't sleep if I'm hungry.
                  Last night I had a small piece of grilled Kielbasa with sauerkraut at 2am.
                  The night before it was a nice piece of coconut cake from New Years.

                  1. A couple frozen corndogs or just cottage cheese gets me to sleep easily. Can't really cook late at night, since it always wakes people up from the smell of food, and then they can't go back to sleep etc. I'm a bit of a night owl though, so I make do.

                    1. Just finished snacking on some edamame :-) Sometimes it is some yogurt, sometimes cottage cheese (large curd only!) Eden spicy pumpkin seeds are pretty darn good too. If i'm especially hungry i'll mix half a can of those tiny canned shrimp, 2 finely sliced scallions, a few halved cherry tomatoes, and (shhh!!! so non chowish!) some mrs. dash original in with the cottage cheese, and crack some black pepper on it. Sooo good!! even better is with some sliced avocado (lots of s&p and no mrs. dash then).

                      1. I had a light supper tonight and am hungry. I'm having a toasted peanut butter sandwich and a couple of fresh chocolate chunk cookies with a glass of milk.

                        1. If I’m hungry late at night I will usually turn to a simple pasta dish, right now I'm eating angle hair and pesto, the other night it was linguini carbonara (yes I like it better with linguini) a week ago it was curried angel hair and crab.

                          1. chilled jalapeno cheetos, soft chocolate chip cookies and strawberry milk

                            1. When I crave sweet at night, usually vanilla ice cream does the trick. I'm really liking Edy's Slow Churned these days.
                              For savory cravings, cheddar cheese with Carr's crackers or Kettle Chips.

                              I have also been known to bake a large batch of snickerdoodles in the middle of the night if I can't sleep.

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                                have you tried edy's "french silk" flavor? it's right tasty!

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                                  Yes, french silk is good! I usually get that as the 2nd flavor when Edy's is 2 for whatever$$. This week it is 2 for $5 at A&P...mmmm!

                              2. I try not to eat anything too heavy late at night. Sometimes I might have a bit of cheese or pickles. Other times maybe cold cuts or celery and hot sauce, which seem to sate my hunger.

                                1. Anything that you can cover with cheese, put in the microwave, and eat with hot sauce.

                                  1. It's usually either cold cereal with milk, or peanut butter toast. Quick and satisfying.

                                    I had never heard of a chip butty before but google explained. Reminds me a little bit of what is called a Horseshoe sandwich in Illinois.

                                    1. This one is from my childhood - my mom used to make it for me if i was ever up late and starving. :)

                                      Take a bowl of short grain rice. Top with a slice of american cheese and nuke til piping hot.
                                      Top with raw egg. Add soy sauce, sesame oil to rice.
                                      Mix and enjoy!

                                      I like to add a little furikake too when i have some handy.

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                                        The addition of American cheese gives me the heebie-jeebies when you mention the subsequent additions of soy sauce and furikake. Can't see how the combination wouldn't, well, **vibrate** on the palate.

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                                          American cheese actually works well with soy sauce IMO. You should try it! It's so quick and easy. And tasty.

                                      2. I am OBSESSED with Cederlane Cous Cous and Veggie Wraps. They are like delicious microwavable burritos, but just couscous and vegetables. Perfect late night/drunk 2 minute snack. If I have a sweet tooth, than usually 100 cal drunsticks, choco and brownie flavor.

                                        1. Tahini over roasted root veggies
                                          hummus and carrots
                                          pitted dates w/PB or coconut butter if I'm up for something sweet