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Jan 4, 2010 05:55 PM

What would your special pipeline deliver?

When I was a kid we lived up the hill from a coffee shop. My mom adored their coffee and would say almost every morning she that wished she had a special pipeline that ran from the coffee shop to our house that delivered their coffee. I haven't thought about the concept in years. So as I was waiting for an overdue bus tonight, cursing my sore throat, I thought to myself I'd love a pipeline that delivered Wor Won Ton Soup. What would kind of pipeline would you have installed? Please keep in mind the food delivery options are kind of limited where I live. However, I am sure those of lucky to get good delivery must have your special requests.

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  1. I'd have a milkshake pipeline leading to the kitchen cold faucet. Flavors would change at each mealtime, with the pipes rattling before each change. Blueberry shake at breakfast, orange mango shake at lunch, Guatamalan coffee shake mid afternoon, nutella shake at dinner, and, after the kids have gone to bed, a Bailey's and Southern Comfort concoction. How about it?

    1. Is a sushi pipeline possible? That would be very appealing. And I can think of about a dozen different beers from breweries around the country that Id like a tap line to my house for. Just connect my tap straight to the brew tanks at Victory or Russian River or Bells or Ale Smith or Three Floyds or Capital or New Glarus or...

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        1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

          Well then Id like to add a raw oyster pipeline as well. And lobster tails perhaps? And one that serves Ithaca, NY vintage Hot Truck subs... And one that dispenses my late Aunt's famous beef stew...

        2. re: Insidious Rex

          ummmm insidious.... second victory, russian river, bells, alesmith, threefloyds, new glarus, and would add in port brewing/ lost abbey, the bruery, ithaca, ommegang, allagash...... wow that would be a dangerous pipeline!!

        3. Assuming we're limiting this to liquids, my pipeline would spew Bowmore single malt scotch.

          1. Mine just a good quality vin ordinaire table wine, and extra-virgin olive oil. I love coffee, but it would have to have an espresso system, and as for tea, love it but prefer freshly brewed, with good sweet water, the most essential pipeline item.

            1. I'd have a gorgonzola dolce pipeline. I would eat it everyday with crackers for lunch if I could afford it.