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foie gras

i am looking for a restaurant in nyc that has a great foie gras dish prepared either cold and/or hot. anyone have any recommendations? thanks

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  1. I love the foi gras dish at Txikito in Chelsea. Small serving but delicious.

    1. Ko's cereal with foie gras is pretty famous, and really good. I haven't been in a while so I don't know if they're still serving it. I had a foie dish at Gotham Bar and Grill that was really good. I just had it at Craft, it was great.

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        Actually Ko's foie gras dish is a shaved foie gras torchon over pine nut brittle, lychee and riesling gelee. It is served at both dinner and lunch, and it is divine!

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          I'll be eating at Craft tomorrow so I was checking out the menu and I didn't see foie gras. Is the menu online not up to date?

        2. Both Veritas and Gramercy Tavern have very good foie gras presentations.

          1. Per Se's ever-changing foie gras torchon preparation is likely the best foie gras dish in NYC, cold or otherwise. Pairing it with generous slices of their warm, buttery brioche surely doesn't hurt. It's usually on their Salon menu, so you don't have to commit to a full tasting menu to try it.

            Other than that, I really like Jean George's foie gras brûlée, especially the summer version with fresh strawberries and aged balsamic. Momofuku Ko's shavings of frozen foie gras torchon with riesling gelée, lychee, and pine nut brittle is also exceptional.

            1. Jean Georges' foie gras brulee might be the best foie I've ever eaten.

              1. La Grenouille. Lightly sauteed, seared with port. Classic perfection.

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                  Absolutely agree about the foie gras at La Grenouille. I'm a foie gras addict and was ecstatic about the portion size -- two generous slices. Heavenly!

                  Photos of it and of the rest of the wonderful dinner we had there in April can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

                2. Tocqueville's signature dish with foie gras and scallop is not only legendary, it's imho one of the best dishes served anywhere in town. a real "don't miss."

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                    I have never been to Tocqueville, but with your praise of their foie gras dish, it is now on my "must try" list. Thanks for the recommendation!

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                      Tocqueville, which is one of our favorites, should definitely be on your "must try" list. For some reason, it travels well under the usual culinary radar, which is a shame since the cuisine is superb, service is excellent, and the elegant space is one of the most beautiful in the city.

                      I agree completely with ChefJune about the foie gras and scallops signature dish. I've had it twice -- once not long after the restaurant opened and again this past May.

                      Here's the photo of my dish taken by one of our dining companions at that meal: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulterior...

                      That said, at our most recent lunch there, I had the first course "Duo of Hot and Cold Foie Gras." In a word: Sensational!

                      My photos of it and of the rest of the incredible meal we had a few weeks ago can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

                  2. Ko's is good - but I'd not commit to the restaurant in order to experience it. Keller's ever changing terrines at Per Se are, as previously noted, amazing - and on the salon menu so you wouldn't have to commit to a full meal. Another great cold/terrine prep is the version at Alto.

                    The Foie Gras at Casa Mono is sublime - possibly the best warm prep I've had outside of Chicago (Blackbird and L2O, both) and the Shabu-Shabu at Picholine is quite unique, as well.

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                      Ah, yes! Picholine's Shabu-Shabu. Ambrosial!! We had it twice in '09. Both times, it was part of the tasting menu, the most recent one focusing on wild game.

                      Photos of the game tasting here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

                      Edited to add: We haven't been to Casa Mono is a long time. I've never had the foie gras there. Definitely must check it out.

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                        I went on New Years Eve - while it was good, the Sea Urchin Panna cotta was mesmerizing and the wild game of the day was Wood Pigeon served rare - I even found 2 pieces of birdshot in it......it was unreal.

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                          Glad to hear your Picholine experience was a good one.

                          EMP is the only restaurant where I willingly eat sea urchin. I find it way too fishy in other places. However, Chef Humm's Sea Urchin Cappuccino had not a hint of the fishiness that turns me off. It was amazing!

                          Photo of EMP's Sea Urchin Cappuccino: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

                    2. Daniel's Pot-au-Feu Royale
                      Nobu's Miso-Soaked Foie Gras (sometimes paired with monkfish liver)

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                        The Pot is not on Daniel's menu currently, unfortunately. :-(

                      2. I had the foie gras brulee yesterday at lunch at Jean-Georges: sublime. In fact, the whole meal, including the 3 oz wine tasting menu, was outstanding. EMP on Tuesday, J-G on Wed: it was the week. And both lunches are a total steal in the sense that the food is as good as at dinner and costs one-third or less.