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Jan 4, 2010 04:59 PM

Dining suggestions near American Airlines Center in Dallas

My husband and I are attending an event at the AA Center later this month. We live in the Frisco area but rarely go so far south for dinner. Any recommendations in that general area? The event is on a Thursday, so we won't have to deal with weekend crowds. Thanks!

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  1. I have three words for you, CRAFT CRAFT and CRAFT. You can park once and walk to dinner and the AAC, but you won't want to leave Craft!

    1. Not too far away is my current favorite, Samar , a Stephan Pyles restaurant that is otherwordly wonderful (all small plates from several regions world-wide and not expensive but huge on taste). personal wins for me at Samar include the mussels dish, tres vasos, and the haloumi cheese infused squash blossoms. The wine selection is nice, and one of the better priced in town.

      Another Pyles restaurant, just a few blocks west of Samar and serving full plates is his signature restaurant, Stephan Pyles. At this Dallas mainstay find big plates of beef and fish (mmm bone-in ribeye, sea bass or my favorite rack of lamb) plus small plates in the form of unique tapas (think Tamale Tart with Roast Garlic Custard, Peekytoe Crab) and ceviches. Just awarded a four-star rating from Forbes, a very high honor since only 7 Texas establishments recieved such honors, and 6 are from Dallas). You will see Pyles bounce from both his locations, but the current Exec Chef is the talented Matt McCallister.

      Craft is very good as well, located in the W and owned by the Top Chef host and 5 time James Beard medal winner, Tom Colicchio (his brother lives in Dallas). Everything is wonderful. I so appreciate the marvelous selection of oysters and mushrooms. Everything is ala carte, however they have a prix fixe for 45 dollars where one choice is Wagyu Beef Cheek. Luxurious for sure.

      Another top rate place is at the Hyatt Regency, 560 owned by Wolfgang Puck and under the gentle care of chef Sara Johannes. Asian influenced with such dishes as a green thai sea bass, prawns and scallops, and a crispy duck. Also serving a tuna tartare that is spicy.

      Many other ideas if this does not sound like your cup. Craft is in walking distance. The others are stones throw away. All these places have been talked about here at length. (no menu online as of yet, but trust me on this one

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          One word: YUM! They all sound wonderful...I've been reading through their menus and drooling. The hard part is going to be choosing between them. Thanks for the suggestions!

        2. I'm also looking for suggestions within walking distance of the AA Center. Is Victory Tavern any good?

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            I agree that Craft is terrific, some of the best meals I have had in Dallas, but it is expensive. Victory Tavern is ok, nothing special. There is a new casual Thai place (Thai Naga) that just opened in Victory. Kenichi is also there, for stylish upscale sushi and is very good. I had a nice brunch at Medina, the Moroccan-Mediterranean place before an event at the AAC. I plan to go back and try it out for dinner. These places, along with Luna de Noche and the Board Room are all in Victory and would allow you to park and have an easy walk.

          2. Coal Vines Pizza is pretty good and just down the street‎