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Jan 4, 2010 04:22 PM

HELP! Fish...Cheese....

Hi Chowhounds in Manhattan. I don't live in your city, however, I do know a very special couple who is going there in a few days to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.
Being an older couple, they're not exactly computer saavy, so I am trying to help them out with 2 things:

1) They are staying at a hotel around 7th Ave and 55th. They would love to go somehwere within walking distance that offers really excellent fish (for her) and really great meat (for him).


2) I would like to surprise them with a very nice gift basket of really fine cheeses. Can anyone reccomend a market/or cheese shop that would put together a nice basket and deliver it to their hotel?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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    1. re: gutsofsteel

      Murray's Cheese. Hand down.

    2. How many blocks is 'walking distance'?

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      1. re: JeremyEG

        I think a 1 - 1.5 mile radius would be OK. Thanks! Look forward to your recs!

        1. re: Lynndsey Rigberg

          That's good. I recommend walking towards/along the park and going to Telepan.

          I know it doesn't get much buzz here but I had a great meal there last year with superb fish and meat as well as a beautiful room. I think they'll really enjoy!

          1. re: JeremyEG

            The one meal we had at Telepan in the fall of '08 was good but not great. Though I agree with you about the room, imo, there are restaurants with far superior cuisine as well as beautiful spaces located much closer to where they are staying. (See my post below.) Considering the exceedingly cold weather we're having, it's not exactly the time for a long walk.

      2. And what do you think they'll be comfortable spending (including drinks, tip min. 15%, and tax 8-3'4%)

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        1. re: yebo

          The couple's friends are going to treat them to any restaurant they want, so the sky's the limit!

        2. I'd talk to Murray's and set up a gift card. Have your friends go and taste lots of cheeses, then use your gift to get what they like.

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          1. re: pikawicca

            Thanks so much - it seems that everyone reccomends Murrays! DONE!

          2. For dinner, I would recommend either Adour Alain Ducasse, in the St. Regis Hotel, on 55th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs., or The Modern's Dining Room, in MoMA, on 53rd, b/t 5th & 6th.

            Photos of our meals at Adour can be seen here:

            and here:

            Photos of our meal in The Modern's Dining Room can be seen here:

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            1. re: RGR

              Thanks for this. And BTW, WOW, gorgeous photos!