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Jan 4, 2010 04:07 PM

Stroopwafels in Vancouver

A friend of ours was visiting from Holland, and gave us a package of Albert Heijn Stroopwafels. They're round and flat, covered with caramel, and when you put one on top of your mug of tea or coffee for a few minutes, they soften a bit, and are a real treat. Does anybody know if these are available anywhere in Vancouver?

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  1. I've bought them at Save-on-Foods before, and if you can get them there I suspect most of the major grocery stores will have them, along with places like Choices.

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      If they are what I think you're describing, I'm pretty sure I've seen them at Parthenon...

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        Thanks for the tips....I'll check those out! I'm at Parthenon practically once a week!

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          Me too -- perhaps we should have some sort of ID that only other Chowhounds will recognize. Secret handshake? Lapel pin?

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            Ha-ha.....I'll be the one buying scads of feta-stuffed olives!

      2. I get Stroopwaffles at the SuperValu at 1st and Commercial, but I don't recall of they were Albert Heijn.

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          Brand isn't a big deal.....I'll try other brands!

        2. There is a Dutch food store in New Westminister that has them. If you are in the Seattle area they have them for sure at World Market which has several stores and Trader Joe's also carry them. Yummy!

          1. Hi, you can make the stroopwafels at home. Just go to and they have the complete package. We got one too and they taste just like you buy them fresh on the market in Holland. Even the ones in the store are usually pretty old and stale.

            1. My favourite packaged stroopwafels are the Shady Maple Farms organic maple variety (they make non-maple ones which are great too). They are absolutely amazing, super-gooey and generally fairly fresh. I've seen them around, but particularly recall (sometimes) at Choices locations, (always) at Drive Organics, and sometimes at Capers/Whole Foods, and Urban Fare.