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Jan 4, 2010 02:56 PM

Restaurant Recommendations for San Luis Obsipo

Hi there-
I'm going with some girlfriends to San Luis Obispo for a weekend at the end of the month. Does anyone have any great restaurant/activity recommendations? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Nearby, in Avila Beach is the Custom House Cafe. Great place for breakfast and omelettes.

    1. Are you looking for fine dining? wine lists? type of food? In San Luis Obispo itself:

      Breakfast: Louisa's (in Downtown, on Higuera, near Osos), McClintock's (further down Higuera), Big Sky Cafe (on Broad)

      Lunch/Brunch: Firestone's Grill (casual burger, ribs, salads; on Higuera), Novo (also for dinner, 726 Higuera), Woodstock Pizza (on Higuera and Osos); Mee Heng Low Noodle House (815 Palm Street, next to Palm Theater; dinner too)

      Dinner: Koberl at Blue (Monterey and Osos), Novo, Buona Tavolo (Italian; on Monterey by the Fremont theater), Ciopinot (seafood, on 1051 Nipomo)

      Hopefully, this can give some places to look at and see if they fit your budget and tastes. Good luck! Have fun visiting.

      1. Novo is probably the best restaurant in San Luis Obispo and has heated outdoor seating creekside out back. They have a great Sunday brunch. The owners also just opened an Asian-style tapas restaurant called Chow just down the street next the Fremont Theater. Might be fun for a quick pre-theater bite. Check out the awesome Farmer's Market Thursday nights from 6p -9pm in SLO. Personally, I love dining on the coast for the casual ambiance and ocean views. Schooner's Wharf in Cayucos is 20 minutes north and has a great bar on the second story for sunset drinks. Then I would head up the coast to the Sea Chest in Cambria for some great seafood. I just order a bunch of appetizers to share. They don't take reservations and you'll want to call ahead to make sure they're open. If you're inland you might check out McPhee's in Templeton or Artisan in Paso Robles for some really great (but pricey) dinner. Don't miss out on some wine tasting. You can visit the Chamber of Commerce in SLO on Chorro Street for an area map.

        1. The Farmers Market in downtown on Thursday night is an awesome experience. Lots of food choices, but the very best is McClintock's stall. Much cheaper than going to the restaurant, and really some of the best BBQ I've ever had. This might be helpful (mostly for BBQ in the surrounding area):


          1. I know this is a corny suggestion, but my recent 101 road trips took me back to the Madonna Inn and the Copper Cafe for some pretty good food in a very trippy, unique atmosphere.

            It is easy to scoff at this place but one forgets even though the decor is Grand Faux, the food is honest, freshly prepared and American classic. This is a fun place. It is a place to celebrate there is more than just chain food on 101. This remains a special event sort of place, and just also happens to be a great road stop too.


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              We just at both Custom House in Avila and Novo in SLO this past weekend. Novo is amazing and in a totally different league than Custom House. I had the Lamb Sirloin with a fresh side salad, the tomatoes were gorgeous, a bright color, the server said they purchase their produce from the local Farmer's Market there weekly. For dessert we shared the Warm Walnut Cake with a Poached Pear, very good. Also in the area is Mirasol @ the Cliffs Resort where we stayed, it is very good and there is also Lido @ the Dolphin Bay Resort a few doors down which is also fantastic. Enjoy the coast! :)