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Beef Short Ribs or Pork Spare Ribs, what's your bent?

Over the holidays, I did a Bolivian meal for my daughter and her Texan husband. I did both bbq'd beef short ribs and spare ribs. He couldn't get enough of the short ribs and I of the spare ribs. I grew up on spareribs and he on short ribs. How about you, what is your preference? (Members of the BBQ National Socoialist Party and vegans need not apply.)

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  1. Boy, P-keg, I don't do beef short ribs on the grill and I don't do pork spare ribs at all so, for once!!!, I have no opinion. I do short ribs in the oven and I do babyback ribs mostly in the oven and then finish on the grill for a few minutes. Can't help ya, buddy.

    1. Simple really, BOTH! I am very equal opportunity when it comes to ribs.
      Korean Grill - Kaibi (short ribs),
      American BBQ - spareribs
      Korean soups - Both.
      Oven Roasted - Both
      Rotisserie - Both
      Braised (Korean) - Both

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        Kominsomneda, Hannaone! I forgot about Kalbi! I DO like beef ribs, but prefer the Korean preparation.
        I grew up with pork ribs baked in saurkraut, Russian style and dad did a mean rack of spare ribs on the grill.
        I guess I'm just a porker w/ no beef.

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          This post made me hungry for pork ribs, so ---
          Did some spareribs in the rotisserie last night.
          Marinated in a soy sauce/sesame oil bath with a little sugar, garlic, and onion added.
          Boiled down the leftover over marinade with some red pepper powder, honey, more garlic, hot green chili pepper, and a little beef broth to make a thick sauce.
          Cooked until a very light char started appearing on the edges, basted with the sauce, and cooked until the sauce glazed.
          Tender and juicy with a good crust. Was going to take some pictures but my sons got to the ribs while I went for the camera.

        2. re: hannaone

          Agreed hanna. It's not like they're interchangeable. Both are great in their own way and to fore go one for the other is foolish.


        3. I guess in the strictest terms its a question of beef *short*ribs vs pork spare ribs? I gotta go with the pork.
          I like them grilled different ways: from no seasonings, to simple steak spice, to added soy, to a full sloppy BBQ sauce mop at the end. I also like them BBQed (smoked). I also like them in our version of boiled dinner (veggies, meats, boiled in a pot, topped with homemade, steamed-on-top dumplings). Or "Chinese" style, steamed with black bean.
          On the flip side,
          Short ribs, I think of a long braise in a winey broth with aromatic veggies, very good, very comfort-food. And done kalbi style is great too.
          I do have a sweet tooth for beef spareribs, done on the grill to med-rare, with gnaw-off-the-bone goodness.

          I guess it boils down to what I'm in the mood for...most of the time its P-I-G, so again I gotta go with the pork spare ribs (but then again, when in the mood for beef, those long, meaty ribs sure sound good on the piping hot charcoal grill!)

          1. jfood grills pork and braises beef.

            1. My preference ~~~
              BBQed ~~ Pork over Beef ~~ Will eat both however
              Braised ~~ Beef over Pork ~~ Not a fan of braised pork ribs

              1. I'm a hardcore rib-man, and love all types.

                I like my beef ribs to be on the mean side, with a very peppery rub, a tangy mop, and then finished with some more of the rub.

                I like the spare ribs to be a little sweeter and saucier. Marinate 'em in apple juice and lemons, smoke and then finish with a tomatoey sauce and a dusting of a brown sugar-based rub.

                I also love Chinese style riblits and baby backs.

                1. Thanks everyyone. I'll do a wine based braise next time for my Texan and see what he thinks. I like all kinds of ribs, lamb, mutton, venison, even, ahem, the dog ribs that were served to us by my son's very traditional Korean farmer in-laws at their farm in South Korea.

                  1. Pass>>>
                    me a platter of both...........

                    But seriously,
                    I pot beef short ribs, as in short ribs with sauerkraut, sliced white potatoes and caraway seeds.
                    I grill Pork ribs with sauce, not dry rub

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                    1. re: Passadumkeg

                      Also vary the Short Ribs and Kraut by leaviong out the carraway seeds and poitatoes and adding 2 cans Italian style stewed tomatoes......................
                      Great meal for the New England winter.

                      My mom always bought the front 1/2 of the cow (we were kosher then). problem with buying that way was there's only one tongue.

                      1. re: bagelman01

                        Mom used to add tomatoes to stuffed cabbage. I just put a thick of tongue on top of a slice of Swiss for my bowl of onion soup for lunch today.
                        Until recently and the "Q" craze, it was very difficult to even find short ribs at the local groceries up here.

                        1. re: Passadumkeg

                          I've been stuck in South Florida for 10 days carfing for mom after a fall.

                          The benefits: Tongue, Sweetbreads, stuffed cabbage, flanken (Cross cut short ribs, potted), chicken in a pot, sweet and sour meatballs, brisket, and the old fashioned really good chewy sour rye bread with seeds.

                          Tomorrow when flying north, IO'll have one bag just with baked goods

                    2. I'm going to go with consensus here and say braised short ribs, grilled spare ribs.

                      Amusing story of my husband's from a company barbeque years ago: He was talking with two South Asian colleagues when they saw/heard/smelled some meat being put on the grill. One of his colleagues said "I hope that's not beef," and the other laughed and said "I hope that's not pork." Or maybe it was the other way around. Anyway, I never heard what kind of meat it was, or what decisions were made about eating it.

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                      1. re: jlafler

                        What meat we eat is very cultural. Cappybara ribs are very good too.

                        1. re: Passadumkeg

                          Ever try channel cat ribs, Passa? Mos' delish. ;)

                          1. re: Perilagu Khan

                            Nope, just cod tongues and cheeks; wicked good! It is funny though that cat fish has such a poor reputation up here that is is caught and used for lobster bait. Another example of food regionalism.

                            1. re: Passadumkeg

                              Who knew that catfish even existed up nor' east? I didn't think they swum north of the Mason-Dixon.

                                1. re: porker

                                  Right now they are frozen catfish. Huh, one never catches catfish ice fishing. Do they migrate to the Pearl River for the winter?

                      2. Normally I'll take pork over beef without a second thought. But short ribs are one of my favorite cuts of beef, and spare ribs might be my least favorite cut of pork. I still love spare ribs, I just love the rest of the pig more. So, I'll take the short ribs, preferably in a rich stew with a lot of vegetables.

                        1. Grew up in kosher home, no longer practicing kashrut. So, grilled or braised short ribs are terrific. Don't care for pork spare ribs, if it is pork, prefer St. Louis or baby back ribs.

                          1. short ribs braised

                            pork ribs BBQ

                            1. In order of preference
                              1. BBQ Beef Ribs
                              2. Beef short ribs
                              3. any pork ribs

                              1. Beef short ribs in the colder month, braised...as soon as the weather starts to change, I crave them and lamb shanks, too, and lose taste for BBQ pork ribs

                                AS soon as the weather changes in the spring, i get this sudden palette reversal thingy, and then its BBQ ribs, with braised short ribs having no appeal.

                                But then, there's Korean short ribs...a whole 'nother kettle of ribs.

                                1. Tough decision as these are probably the tastiest cuts of meat from their respective animals! But pork spare ribs win out by a small margin because they are irreplaceable in their star roles: smoking and slow roasting. No other cut really compares when slow-smoked with a spicy rub or roasted in a crust of garlic and herbs. Beef short ribs on the other hand, can somewhat be replaced by other braising cuts, like shank or brisket, without too much change in the final dish.