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Jan 4, 2010 02:24 PM

Help with Napa Valley

Oakland hounds are bound for a weekend getaway in a town where we usually dine at a few regular places. We have reservations one night at Ad Hoc but are looking for something for Saturday night in February. We'd like to go no more South than Yountville(from Calistoga)

How is Redd?

Any other suggestions?

We've been to:
Rutherford Grill
Bistro Jeanty

LOTs of times

Don't like
Go Fish

Anything new and exciting

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  1. Not new, but not on your list: Martini House

    1. You didn't mention Brix, which is much better than it's been in years with Annie Greengrass at the helm. Strongly recommended.

      Also not on the list is Mustards, which is not the same food as Cindy's. Not new but solid as it's been.

      Casual and easy on the wallet -- Vercelli in St. Helena. The old cooks from Trattoria Green Valley set up shop on their own after the owner retired and sold the spot to the brothers who operate Cook. If you recall Green Valley fondly, you'll like it.

      1. I loved Redd and wrote an incredibly detailed report a few months ago. There have been an absolute ton of requests and reports in the past 6 months. You might try doing a search.