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Ceylon Cinnamon: where in City of Toronto?

I'm looking for Ceylon Cinnamon sticks to grind. I know about Spice Trader, but they are out of my price range at $100 or more a pound (because they are organic sticks).

Any thoughts? Thanks...

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  1. I'm pretty sure you could get it at the big carrot. I met a lovely lady at the organic expo in guelph last year and she was explaining it all to me, if I find her card or flyer I'll let you know but right now I just remember she said she was working out a deal to get it sold at the big carrot.

    1. spice trader carries the ceylon ground. (or used to.) I haven't bought it in a while and they were the only place i managed to find it during my searches a year ago.

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        You can order the sticks online, but it is a high price because it is organic.

      2. I've been looking for Ceylon cinnamon recently so I thought I would post my findings here. Apparently Mexico is one of the biggest importers of Ceylon cinnamon in the world, so it's the kind they sell in Mexican or other Latin American stores.

        You can find true cinnamon at Emporium Latino in Kensington market for $2.50 a bag. It will just be called Cinnamon (or canela, in Spanish).

        1. Just bumping this thread to see if there are any other sources of Ceylon cinnamon.

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            you could always order it from these people, they are situated in markham but they dont have a store front so its online order only but their prices are a lot cheaper than $100/lb as stated in the original post.


            you can get it ground or in stick form as well on that page.

            there is another company in toronto that distributes ceylon cinnamon called.


            they have a list of stores that carry their products as well here.


            though they state that not all stores carry all their products so you should call ahead to see if they have what you want.

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                your welcome. just to add a little more info I went to.

                The Holistic Health Shoppe
                3037 Hurontario Street
                Mississauga ON L5A 2G9
                Tel: 905-270-6244

                which is not to far from me, today, and picked up 4 sticks from them for $3. when i asked for some he opened up a new bag to sell me, they sell the cinnamon for $40/lb.

          2. Hi Dean, Fiesta Farms on Christie has the Ceylon aka "true cinnamon"quills.

            1. I am also looking for good quality Ceylon cinnamon powder or stick. I am confused whether I should buy powder ones, are they good? If anyone have any experience of buying powder cinnamon from any spice shop in Toronto, please inform me the quality, and also the price in kg, please.