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Jan 4, 2010 01:51 PM

Doctoring unusually stinky mondongo??

I ordered mondongo for lunch from a Dominican place I'd never tried, before. A mistake: This stuff is STINKY -- far more so than usual... so stinky that I, who pride myself in being able to eat almost anything, had second thoughts. I really, really, really hate to toss food (nod to Sam Fujisaka), but don't know how to go about making this stuff more edible. To make matters worse, the portion is ginormous, a veritable vat of stinkiness.

Are there any magic tricks or ingredients to add out there whereby you can lessen the stink? If I cook it for longer, will it become less stinky?

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  1. Perhaps you could reheat it and incorporate some aromatic herbs -- e.g. mint, majoram, lavender, sage, etc.?

    1. Add tomato paste? It works with skunk smell...

      1. Alrighty, sound advice, both. I took the stuff home and simmered it for a lot longer with some pan roasted cumin seeds (following ipsedixit's covering-up-the-smell idea) and some crummy jarred salsa I'd been trying to get rid of (following Bryn's tomato paste idea). Still not the most delicious thing I've ever eaten, but the smell is much, much better. Thanks for the help!!

        Bryn, by the way, in the past when my dog got skunked and we tried tomato paste on him, he just ended up smelling like tomato skunkendogen. =) So while I'm not sure tomato actually does reduce stink, it sure did help with the taste in this case!

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          Yes I think that Mythbusters busted the skunk tomato myth, but I'm glad it worked out for you!

        2. Mondongo that smells like dung is just wrong. One place I went to covered up the stink with vinegar. That was an automatic authenticity killer for me and I never went there again. If the mondongo you're eating royally sucks or stinks something fierce, a good way to kill or tame the smell is with some instant mashed potatoes. If that doesn't work, then add curry to it. Of course your mondongo will no longer be authentic, but at least you don't have to eat it with a pinched nose. HTH. Very good mondongo at El Nuevo Bohio.

          El Nuevo Bohio
          167th St & Webster Ave
          Bronx, NY 10456
          (718) 293-2954