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Jan 4, 2010 01:48 PM

Sustainable sushi in Brooklyn? (x-post from Manhattan board)

After seeing one too many news stories about overfishing and the crashing tuna population, my wife and I are trying to be better about only eating sustainably-caught fish. I can do fine when cooking at home - they sell pole-caught tuna and swordfish and farmed shrimp at Fairway, which is about all I cook - but sushi is harder, and is something I can't live without. Does anyone know of any sushi places that serve sustainably-caught fish? I'm in southern Park Slope and would guess that my delivery standby Kiku doesn't qualify; I'd love to find a nearby option (we've traditionally ordered takeout sushi at least once a week) but would be happy to hop into a car (or subway car) and travel for someplace that made me feel less bad about myself.

Unfortunately I posted this on the Manhattan board earlier, looking for more high-end places for my occasional Manhattan sushi splurges, but no suggestions yet. Hoping that the socially conscious Slopers may have some ideas.

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  1. As a service to anyone who may be looking into this in the future (maybe a fruitless hope, but I figure I'll put it out there), we've discovered that Ten Sushi (15th/7th) has wild-caught king salmon (though their default salmon is Scottish and likely farmed; you have to ask to get king salmon and it's a buck or so extra to add it to a roll), Gulf of Mexico shrimp, and both Spanish (sawara) and Japanese (aji) mackerel, all of which are relatively sustainable. As a bonus, the king salmon and aji are two of the freshest, best-tasting sashimi fish I've had there, and worth the cost even without the environmental benefits.

    It's more expensive to specify the sustainable stuff, but their waitstaff knows the source of their fish, has some more eco-friendly options, and doesn't mind being asked questions, which makes this process as painless as it can be.

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      Thanks for the information. I'm also addicted to sushi and worried about sustainability.