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Mas, Braeburn, Savoy, or other?

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I want to take my girlfriend out for a nice date. I still have not been to Mas, Braeburn, or Savoy. So, yes, a 'localvore' restaurant is definitely my first choice but I'm not limited to that. I want delicous food, somewhat romantic and/or elegant, and in her words 'someplace where she can wear something sexy'. Ha. At the moment I have a reservation at Mas but would love a variety of opinions. Thanks!

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  1. Mas FTW. Definitely a step above those other places - and those others are not for the hot nor sexy. Stick with Mas

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      Mas = One of the best meals I had last year. $68 4-course tasting menu is amazing, you can choose anything on the menu. 100% agreed w/chow_gal, Mas on a different level than the others.


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        i havent been to mas since 2004 but i didnt like my meal then. braeburn is cute but for the prices, i just dont see value there.

        i suggest perilla or red cat.

    2. Perilla or Bar Blanc would be nice. I have not been to Mas so can't compare.

      1. Definitely stick with Mas. The others are good, but not in the same category if you're looking for a romantic, wear something sexy, feel like it's a special night out kind of place. If you want a locavore alternative to Mas, you might consider Blue Hill, which feels more grown up while Mas feels more downtown.

          1. Thank you all very much for the advice. I'm a fan of Perilla, Bar Blanc, and Blue Hill. Sounds like I've made the right choice with Mas. Will stick with that. Looking forward to it!

            1. Had the tasting menu at MAS over the summer, it was great. Never been to Savoy but have been walking by for years, it just looks boring. Not a good basis for judgement, but it has prevented me from going.