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Jan 4, 2010 01:26 PM

Dessert for special date: cheesecake or chocolate mousse?


I'm going to make dessert for a date that I'm very excited about later this week. I love all things (dark) chocolate, and if I was making something only for myself, I'd go with chocolate mousse, hands down. I like the recipe from Bouchon.

But experience and a brief survey of my guy friends tells me that most guys seem to prefer fruity desserts. (Why is that?)

SO... I'm considering doing a classic cheesecake (no crust) with some kind of fruit sauce (strawberries or raspberries).

First, which would you choose?

Second, if it is cheesecake, WHAT RECIPE would you use? Keep in mind, must not have crust (I'm gluten-free.)

Thank you!

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  1. Well, I'm a guy. Give me a chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce and I'm yours. Well, if my wife says it's OK .....

    1. That's funny! I would have said give the guy the chocolate and be careful not to (unwisely) position yourself between me (a female) and the cheesecake. But what do I know?

      You might try this lemon curd cheesecake. Good lemons are still available in the winter and I know for sure this is the one my son would lose his mind over. I also checked that there's no flour. My own go-to cheesecake recipe has 3 tablespoons of flour and most other recipes I know have at least a 1/4 cup. Meanwhile, I'm not sure what effect leaving the flour out would have.

      As for the crust, it's no big deal to skip cheesecake crust when it's this graham cracker bottom affair. The custard portion should bake to firm enough to hold itself intact. Just be sure to use a springform pan so that it can sit on the bottom undisturbed. Or put a snug-fitting foil-lined cake circle in the bottom of the springform so that you can remove it by that. I have a glass-bottomed springform because it's nearly invisible on a cake plate.

      I see the baking instructions don't specify baking it in a water bath. I never have myself. But if you're a person who needs that insurance, line the *outside* of the springform with a large sheet of foil before you pour water around it. I always worry much more about the water migrating in than the thick custard migrating out.

      BTW, if you feel better about chocolate mousse, there's no reason you couldn't serve that with a fruit purée or sauce either.

      Good luck! ;>

      1. I say anything chocolate...I have to say that not all men like anything fruity...if you're torn, why not make it a chocolate cheesecake with blueberry or raspberry sauce then you'll be covered either way. By the way, if the person is that special, he'll like whatever you give him :)

        1. My husband would def prefer the chocolate mousse!! BTW, he eats gluten free as well--and when I make him a cheesecake, I usually sub crushed gluten free vanilla wafers or graham crackers with good results.

          1. Between the two I'd vote for chocolate mousse. You could also consider a lemon mousse or lemon pot de creme.