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Jan 4, 2010 12:59 PM

Kelp Noodles: Where to Buy?

Where does one find kelp noodles? I live in Torrance and just returned from Mitsuwa. I searched long and hard--looking in the aisle that sells seaweed (dried kelp and nori seaweed)and in the aisle that sells soba noodles, as well as the section that sells other types of noodles. I cannot seem to find it anywhere. I asked a store employee, and she did not seem to know what kelp noodles are. Anyone have any idea?

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  1. Whole Foods definitely sells em in a green bag.

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      Thanks so much, Emme. Will check out Whole Foods for sure.

    2. Freshia has them in their refrigerated section. But the last time I bought them they were really tough and chewy and I had to throw them out.

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        Yup, they are in the refrigerated section all right. At Whole Food, the kelp noodles are in the refrigerated soy/vegan section. I also checked out a Korean grocery store on Sepulveda, near Pep Boy's. They had some version of "Tangle Noodles," but I opted for the ones at Whole Foods. I haven't checked Freshia, but I have shopped at Freshia before and often am disappointed. I usually buy fresh fruit there, but notice they spoil so quickly.