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Jan 4, 2010 12:36 PM

Any recs near Deborah Hospital Browns Mills/Pemberton?

FIL is going in for surgery. We're meeting him the night before (after pre-op tests) for dinner. Then I imagine we'll be eating in the area at least one a meal a day while he's in the hospital.

Googling has not turned up anything promising -- Domino's, Burger King, etc.

At least when we're with FIL/MIL, we'll have to stay close.They are also pretty basic eaters and don't eat out much. On our own, we'll travel further afield. But we're hoping there's at least something halfway decent for a basic meal -- with us, 2 kids, and 2 elderly folks.

Any suggestions??

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  1. Sonja's is a tiny German-American place , just a little south on Trenton Road. Not fancy, but lunches I've had there were fine (more American than German).

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      Well I remember seeing this a post on Chowhound about Sonja's a couple of months ago, and figured I would give Sonja's a try today. That said, one of my co-workers and I made out way over there. I had heard from "Coach Dan" that Sonja's had an awesome rueben, so I had to give it a try as I have had a rueben craving since Sunday night for whatever reason.

      Pulled in, and the place isn't much to look at. It's an old building reminiscent of an old VFW post with parking in the back. You walk in the double doors on the side into the dining room to see some dated pink walls, and German decor. Sure, the place could use some updating, but what do you expect in Pemberton, NJ? The first thing you notice walking into the restaurant is the special board, where I saw a rueben and chips for $6.00, as well as a meatball parm sandwich! YUM! My decision was almost made!

      We were the first ones in the restaurant around 11:30 this morning, and sat at a table in the window facing the street and the church across the street. Our server immediately came over and took our drink order as we thought about lunch. Although the meatball parm sounded fantastic, I had to go with the rueben since that is what I came for.

      Needless to say, Holly ordered the meatball parm sandwich special with fries, and I went for the rueben and chips. Couldn't have been more than 10 minutes and our food came out. My sandwich was piping hot and gorgeous, with melted cheese and sauerkraut oozing out the sides of the perfectly grilled bread. This is definitely in the top 3 rueben's I have had of all time, and I have eaten a lot. The flavors of the corned beef were awesome, and the cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing couldn't have been any better. I am 99.9% sure the dressing is made fresh in house, as it was very tasty, with nice big chunks of fresh pickle or relish in it. The chips were chips, but I was all about the sammy, not the chips! Absolutely delish, and I couldn't have been any happier with the sandwich.

      Holly's meatball parm sandwich looked killer! Nice looking meatballs, and a ton of melted cheese on a nice torpedo type roll. The sauce looked great and flavorful, and next time I go back, I am giving this bad boy a whirl!

      All in all, a heck of a great lunch, with very good, very friendly service. If you are looking for ambiance, this isn’t the place to go, but if you are looking for a good affordable lunch, I wouldn’t hesitate in the least! Being so close to my office, I think it will be hard not to visit Sonja’s at least a few times a month! Cheers! -F. Scott

      Sonja's Restaurant
      41 Trenton Road
      Browns Mills, NJ 08015
      Phone: (609) 893-3629

    2. I wish there were some good options as this is close to my office, but this area is pretty much a culinary wasteland without a 20 minute drive. If anyone else has some recs, I am interested to hear them as well. -mJ

      1. Only things I can think of are Charlie's Other Brother, which is about 10 miles away, and Sebastians Schnitzelhaus. Charlie's has a large menu and good, but old fashioned type food (nothing wrong with that). My sister and I say that our parents could find lots of things on the menu, and they are both notorious PITA when it comes to dining out. Really good soups that are homemade, and good seafood. My BIL likes the prime rib, and there is something for everyone on the menu. Not gourmet or adventurous dining. I'm guessing that this is around 10 miles from the hospital.
        Sebastian's serves German food and is open for lunch and dinner. BYOB.
        It's probably around the same distance from the hospital.
        Warning that the website plays really loud and annoying music.

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          I still have not been to Charlie's Other Brother yet, but I always see them on Wine Spectators list for restaurants they recognize for their "Wine List Excellence" or whatever they call it.. They also send me a birthday postcard every year with some sort of coupon for a free or 1/2 price entree. Will have to try it if I get one this year.

          Also in that area, I keep hearing that we need to check out Old World Bakery. I have never been, and no idea if you can eat in or if they just have baked good, so maybe someone else has some info. I hear they make a mean tomato pie though. Anyone been?

          I'm up for Sebastian's for lunch one day if anyone is in the area. It's just right outside the gate from my office. -mJ

          1. re: njfoodies

            Old World Bakery has excellent baked goods and cakes. They do mainly commercial business. Next door (same bldg) is a deli/restaurant of sorts. The food is OK, but the service is hostile at best. Expect to be treated rudely, and you won't leave disappointed. And the same goes for takeout from there; barely civil. Good sandwiches, though, and the tomato pie is good. I would skip the restaurant and just get a cake. The cake might be worth the trip, but the food isn't, imo.

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              Good info mschow. Will have to swing over one day at lunch perhaps for some desserts! Thanks! -mJ

        2. I'm not sure how far away it is, but the Red Lion is a little bit farther west on Rt. 70. And there are a couple diners on 206 near Pemberton Rd.

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            Red Lion would probably be a good 1/2 hour down Route 206 from Pemberton. Mount Holly might be the best bet as it is maybe 15 minutes if that from Deborah. In Mount Holly I would suggest The Robin's Nest...cozy and quant little place, and I have never had a bad meal there. Sounds like we need to revisit soon! -mJ

          2. I haven’t been there in years but Anapa’s Country House on South Pemberton Rd. use to have very good basic American food. It shouldn’t be more than 10 or 15 minutes from Deborah. Maybe some other hounds that have eaten there recently and can provide you with a review and recommendations.