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Where to buy Alberta lamb in Edmonton?

My local Safeway (Meadowlark) carries grain-fed lamb from Innisfail, but they don't always have the cuts or quantities I'm looking for. Where else in the city is a good place to find Alberta lamb?

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  1. I've always got my Alberta lamb at Hajar's Halal Meats. Definitely worth a drive.

    hajar's halal meats
    11320 134 ave

    1. Strathcona Farmers Market - I'm mostly buying from Four Whistle Farms lately, but also sometimes from Trowlesworthy. Sunworks is more expensive, haven't tried it from there.

      1. Smokin' Iron Farms, and surprisingly sometimes Costco on 50th Street.

        I think I have also seen fresh lamb at Victoria Trail Sausage - which is not on Victoria Trail.

        I used to get wonderful fresh butterflied leg of lamb from Queen City Meats, sigh.

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          ben's meat market or Andy's Valleyview IGA

        2. Both private butchers in Sherwood Park

          1. Thought I would combine these into one post, as I have some time. Hope no one minds. It looks like we actually have some solid options.

            So Alberta Lamb

            Ben's Meats - 15726 Stony Plain Road
            Hajar's Halal Meats - 11320 134 Ave
            Strathcona Farmers Market - Four Whistle Farms and Trowlesworthy.
            Smokin' Iron Farm - 11401 50 Street
            Andy's Valleyview IGA - 9106 142 St Nw

            Pengcast did you meant Victoria Fancy Sausage?
            Victoria Fancy Sausage - 6508 118 Avenue

            Private Butchers - Sherwood Park

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            1. St. Albert farmers market is open at City Hall and usually has a good selection. Sundays only unfortunately.

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                I thought it was only open in the summer

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                  So did I Dan G. So I popped over to the website and found; the regular market runs every Saturday from June 13th—September 26th..with The St. Albert Indoor Farmers' Market running October 3 to December 19, 2009 at St. Albert Place.

              2. Butchers Corner in Beaumont had some frozen racks in, they might be able to special order if you ask...Awesome butchers if you get a chance to stop there. They have there own smoker so the beef jerky is great and they regularily have bison and elk.

                1. Four Whistle Farms..definitely...some of the finest lamb I have ever had anywhere in the world...and the Welsh lamb I was brought up on was quite possibly the world's best, and
                  this certainly equals it...quantities may be an issue though, but I am sure they will help you

                  But sorry, grainfed lamb!!!! I have never heard of lamb eating anything but grass
                  It may be sort of ok for Beef, but trust me, Sheep eat grass, nothing else!!

                  Why is Alberta known for it's beef...it is it's lamb that it should really be proud of.

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                    Lots of grainfed lamb around in the world if you look for it, produces a more mild flavor(dependant on where its from.... opinions differ on this), though it is higher in fat and lower in % protein then grass-fed. Most people tend to prefer grass-fed, but there are some very nice grain-fed lamb producers that I personally prefer.