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wedding in ny area

I am looking for a good glatt kosher caterer and venue for my daughter's wedding in late Aug 2010. We will only have about 150 guests and will need a venue that allows mixed dancing and seating. I want really excellent food and can spend about $150. pp inclusive. Any suggestions?

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    1. If you don't mind Long Island, try the Crest Hollow Country Club. My wife and I did it for our wedding and could not have been happier. People still rave about the food (18 mos later) particularly the vieneese (sp?) table. They do their own in-house glatt kosher catering (the chabniks at the wedding ate everything but the meat) and as a country club they could care less about mixed seating (they put up the mechitza for the dancing we wanted it up for, and took it down for the dancing we wanted it down for). Very professional, well organized, and a beautiful outdoor chuppah.

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        I'd be surprised if Crest Hollow did weddings as small as 150 people. I've never been to a kosher wedding that small - most of the regular names seem to be set up for larger functions. Perhaps Rockleigh Country Club, if you're willing to go to NJ?

        Aside from the one thread linked by MartyB, it'd be a good idea for you to search 'wedding' on the kosher board, because it's perhaps the most-asked question here. While not everybody will have your particular requirements, you might get some better ideas.

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          it sounds like the Washington hotel (now condos) in Belle Harbor would have been a perfect venue.(I miss their smorg)
          perhaps they should check out the Rockwood Jewish center in Howard beach Queens

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            Crest Hollow did do 150 as recently as 18 mos ago when I got married. They can do much bigger, but their ballrooms can also do 150.
            As far as Rockwood, I went to a wedding there (also about 150 people) and the food was not the best.
            There is also the Lawrence Country Club where I went to a recent wedding of about 150 which was also very nice with good food.

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              I have never heard of the Rockwood. The Rockleigh, which I mentioned, doesn't have an in-house kosher caterer, so each wedding contracts with their own; the food at one wedding isn't particularly predictive of the food at another.

              I think the dance floor at the Rockleigh is too small for most Orthodox weddings, but it ought to be fine for 150 people.

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                re: I have never heard of the Rockwood

                The Rockwood Park Jewish Center in Howard Beach. They are advertising a wedding for $35/pp


      2. are you looking to have an outside ceremony?

        1. Thanks for the input. We heard about the Shelter Rock Jewish Center in Roslyn. The in house caterer is Deluxe Caterers. Their pricing is pretty good. Does anyone have any experience with the quality of their food and the venue? We are planning the wedding in late Aug and probably need to have the ceremony indoors because it might be very warm and muggy. Remember we are from Colorado. Other Long Island sites are also good. We are open to anything at the moment.

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            You never know about the weather - I had lovely weather for my evening chuppa in late August in NYC!

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              You got lucky!! But August/September in NYC can be iffy. Friends of mine got married Labor Day Weekend in Brooklyn and the weather was a disaster- so hot and humid that some of the older guests went to sit inside.

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              We had our wedding there and everyone loved the food- we were still getting compliments months later about it (we also know a few people now planning weddings who really wish they could use the in-house caterer from Shelter Rock at another venue). The venue is pretty, and would be great with a wedding of the size you're looking at- we had about 250 people, and it was slightly crowded on the dance floor (though not too bad).

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                Our wedding took place at Shelter Rock in October 2009 and it was, if I do say so myself, fantastic. The food was outstanding - people are still talking about it 3 months later! The venue is beautiful, would easily accomodate 150 - mine was close to 180 and everyone was comfortable. The caterer did a fantastic job - there was not a thing to worry about on the wedding day. It was flawless. I truly could not have been happier, and my guests had a great time too!

              2. Try the El Caribe Country Club in Brooklyn

                1. You might want to consider the Holiday Inn in Edison NJ. They have a kosher kitchen, and a kosher events planner who can help you with whatever you want. I've been to two events there: a massive weekend barmitzvah, and a small Sunday wedding (maybe 100 guests). I suggest you call them at 732.661.1000 and ask to speak to the kosher events person.

                  PS I have no connection with them, apart from having been a guest there twice.

                  1. A friend is geting married in July at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn - kind of ornate - but can be fun if you like that sort of thing. They gave her a choice of caterers and she went with Esprit.

                    1. Since I checked the board last, I have been in touch with Crest Hollow. They will do it for us for 150 people and the price was great. So tell me how the food was? It sounds great, almost too good to be true. Be honest . Thanks

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                        Been there for several weddings. The food is ok, nothing great.

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                          My nephew's wedding was at Crest Hollow with the in-house caterer and I thought it was very good. I believe that if you use one of the other caterers - it is more expensive and you probably get a better spread (the dessert choice for the Elite caterer was pretty slim - could have been what they ordered). The place is great, though. You shouldn't be concerned. Perhaps you can ask to go to a wedding that is catered by them to taste the food.

                        2. Our wedding was at Temple Israel in Lawrence. The food was amazing, people still mention it to me now (more than 1 yr ago). In-house glatt Kosher catering. Dancing and seating are up to you (mixed or not). The venue is amazing. When my wife and in-laws took me my jaw dropped. One of the nicest cocktail hour rooms I have seen.

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                            Is that a reform temple? Unfortunately we can't have a wedding in a reform temple.

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                              It's Reform, but the wedding hall is widely used within the Orthodox community; I've been to two Orthodox weddings thee.

                          2. My daughter is looking at Crest Hollow and Shelter Rock today. The in-house caterer is called Simcha catering and they said they have been there for many years. They are definitely alot less money than Shelter Rock and for that matter most other caterers/facilities that allow mixed dancing. The feedback so far I have gotten from most of the postings is that the caterers at Crest Hollow are very good. We are kind of "foodies" so would really want a good caterer. Also, how helpful were they on the day of the event. In Colorado you need a wedding planner to coordinate everything. In New York it appears that is not necessary. Also was interested in finding out about the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center. The caterer is New Star. They are also a bit pricey. Anyone know anything about them?

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                              I'll be at a wedding at Manhattan Beach Jewish Center in mid-February, and can report back then, if that's not too late. I know I was there once before, but can't recall enough details to say anything now.

                              Also, although I appreciate good food, I go to weddings to celebrate the simcha with friends. If the food isn't great, it's a bit of a disappointment, but nothing that ruins the day for me. Of course, I was lucky to have been married at the late, great Washington Hotel in Belle Harbor, where the food was amazing. Maybe not foodie-gourmet amazing, but most agree it was among the tastiest around. They were also a small place, and would have been the perfect size for you. It's a shame they closed, but with the size of weddings these days, I guess they just couldn't compete.

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                                How true. I too got married there. For quite a few years my mother and her sister's family used to go to them for pesach as well.

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                                Manhattan Beach Jewish Center in Brooklyn? I've been there many times in the past few years. Definitely not top notch. At the last two wedding I went to there the food was not edible. Also, the main room has kind of a difficult set up- sort of an L shape. The shul (not the catering hall) is old fashioned and beautiful.

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                                  Other than having had my wedding at Crest Hollow 18 mos ago, I have no stake in this post. However, I can honestly say the service there was phenomenal on the day of the wedding. They have everything down cold, and they are incredibly attentive. You get your personal attendant, but also have the services of their various managers who work with you all day (from the moment you arrive they are at the door). Before the wedding they are also good, keeping you very much on task with what has to be done when with the wedding.
                                  To illustrate using the crises that occurred at our wedding, they had a crowbar and spare tuxedoes available for us when the limo trunk would not originally open and we had to rearrange picture taking on the fly, and had a spare mechitza for us when we peeked in 2 seconds before the band was about to announce us and noticed that the mechitza we had ordered from the florist (a row of trees) had not been delivered.
                                  Crestholow was also excellent at coordinating weddings, as there were multpile kosher affairs going on at the same time. The only downside was sometimes you had to wait, like after the bedekin we had to wait 10/15 minutes for a prior wedding to finish using the outdoor chuppah before we could go. However, we experienced no delays when we later used it for pictures.
                                  The one other negative with crest hollow is that we could not pick our room definitively. You can make a request, but as I recall until about 2 weeks before the wedding you were not gauranteed the room you wanted.
                                  If I can answer any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

                                2. My daughter and her fiance don't want to just go with the first caterer they looked at (Crest Hollow). They checked out Shelter Rock and they thought they were too pricey for what they got. I received another recommendation from a friend who was married at Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst a few years ago. The caterer is Seaview Caterers. Does anyone have any experience with them? How is the food?

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                                    I went to a bar mitzvah last year at Beth El. It is a pretty place. Didn't see the sanctuary though. Probably more of an intimate feel than Crest Hollow. I can't recall the food at all, which leads me to believe that it was probably good but nothing special.

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                                      How did it work out for you in the end? Have you made a decsion yet?

                                      I too have been going through the steps you have been going through.

                                    2. Finally, we are down to 3 caterers and venues. My daughter already checked out Crest Hollow. Tonight she checks out The Vanderbilt on Staten Island caterer is Signature. Tomorrow night she checks out Prestige Caterers. They have different pricing and I'm sure between these 3 she will be able to make a choice. I'll let you know what she decides. Thanks for all the help.

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                                          Went to wedding at Temple Beth Torah in Melville--food was gourmet and outstanding--and glatt kosher--have never been to a wedding with such amazing setups for cocktail hour and gorgeous presentation and service---same relative another sibling getting married this summer at Temple Israel, in Lawrence--same caterer--expect it to be as amazing as the other---morelle caterers--if I was getting married in NYC area, I'd stick with them--I've been to many affairs at Crest Hollow and the food was good, but nowhere in the same league as Morrell....here's their site:http://www.morrellcaterers.com/

                                        2. Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst is a glatt kosher catering hall. I would recommend them.They have great food .If you give them a call. Tell them what you are looking for and what you are looking to spend. They have a website: seaviewcaterers.com.

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                                            Do all these halls come with flowers and decorations? i want to find a place that will do it all for me (without hiring a wedding planner...) what to you suggest?

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                                              I'm not sure what you mean by 'decorations,' but flowers are never provided by the hall in my experience. Nor have I ever heard of a hall that will make all of the arrangements for you, although you are certainly going to be better off with a hall that has an in-house kosher caterer, since that removes one level of required coordination.

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                                                A lot of places will have vendor lists they can give you (i.e. florists, photographers, limos, bands, etc.) that they work with often and recommend. It can make things easier (though the recommended vendors are not always the best priced). However it is still up to you to call the vendors and make the specific arrangements since you need to decide how much you want to spend and what you want.

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                                                  If you don't want to hire a wedding planner you can call the caterer and they will go to the florist with you if you need assistance.