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Jan 4, 2010 11:04 AM

Downtown DC dinner/drinks get together suggestions

Hello DC! Looking to put together a fun night out with friends and don't want to break the bank. A local pub, a fun sit down, something very metro accessible, maybe penn quarter, dupont. 8-10 young professionals. Suggestions would be great!!! Thanks!

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  1. Tonic at 21st and G Sts, NW. Burgers and more. Sometimes they'll have a special like a carne asada pizza that will hit the spot. No need to reserve if you do this before GWU students get back. They have some group lounge seating (with sheer curtains you can draw?) that might be fun..

    1. I'd recommend Brasserie Beck- great beer selection (and although the cocktails are good/inventive, I recall them being a bit expensive), and wide price range for entrees. I always get the mussels as an entree even though I think they're listed as apps. More than enough for a meal along w/ the awesome frites. They have other great apps too, specifically recall the charcuterie plate and the spaetzle w/ poached egg. I think a bunch of shared appetizers and some orders of mussels would be fun.

      1. I love Brasserie Beck - it's one of my favorite places in DC. I think the food is very reasonable for the high quality that it is and portions are large and shareable. The beer list is phenomenal -- however -- the beer will "break the bank" in my view. As I recall, the cheapest beers cost $9 -- and the glass is small. You might want to check out a Happy Hour somewhere. PS7 and Ceiba both have good ones.

        Brasserie Beck
        1101 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

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          Beck now has a happy hour every night and it is a great deal. Half priced drafts from 5-7. If you get there before 6, you can get a stool at the bar and sometimes even a table. This makes high end beers a great deal. word of warning: this has also made the drafts go significantly faster. My recommendation: get the Antigoon which is brewed in Belgium and is exclusive to Beck, share a couple orders of mussels, and get another blonde or Dubbel. with tax and tip, two beers and the mussels will be $30 or so.

        2. Laughing Man Tavern on G St off Metro Center is incredibly cheap for both drinks and food (just regular pub grub) and Chef Geoff's also has a great happy hour, although it's only in the small bar and the tables are perpetually packed by 5:30PM. FYI, Laughing Man will eventually get really busy and loud also, so best to sit upstairs if you don't want to be yelling at each other at 7PM. As mentioned, Ceiba has amazing $5 caipirinhas and mojitos during happy hour, the food is great, and you can generally still grab one of the large tables in the lounge area before 6PM.