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Jan 4, 2010 11:00 AM

Buying Fresh Fish

Where can I find a purveyor for fresh fish in the Cambridge/Arlington/Belmont area? Been to WF and would like a different option. Thanks!

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  1. New Deal Cambridge St Cambridge
    good people
    great fish

    1. Second New Deal, but if you don't want to venture into east cambridge, there's that fancy fish store next to Formaggio. I forget the name. Good but expensive.

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      1. re: cpingenot

        It's the Fishmonger. I think they're stuff is OK, but frankly, I prefer Whole Foods.


      2. We've had some great meals grilling up the fish from Captain Boston Fish in Medford.

        1. New Deal - they have a HUGE slab of high quality Mako that arrived at 4:00 today. $10 a pound.

          1. Moulton's Seafood in Medford, not only served the best cooked seafood but they also sell the absolute best fresh fish around... 2 reasons to stop by. Give them a call the day before and let Bob know what you want, if he doesn't have it he will pick it up at the pier..

            Moultons Seafood, 178 Winthrop St, Medford

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              I have relied on Moulton's for years and the quality was always great. But, more recently he seems to have shifted his focus to being more of a restaurant than a fish market. He has very little fish on display and seems to hold fish back for the restaurant. Conversation from a fairly recent visit: Do you have any haddock? No. What about cod or schrod? No. Swordfish? No. I suppose like MeffaBabe says you can call a day ahead. But, that is annoying if you have to do it all the time and no way to run a fish market. Lately I have been going to the Medford Whole Foods for fish instead and have been quite pleased.