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Jan 4, 2010 10:59 AM

Veggie World Eastern European Deli - Newington, CT

How do these people do it?

This vegetable shop with Polish and other eastern-European specialties has been around for years in New Britain. About 2 years ago they installed a very ambitious full-service deli in the back of their store. I didn't think that it'd last, given their location.

Then they started offering huge, fresh sandwiches -- "foot-long" grinders, if you will -- for only $5. The most you can spend (on a "combination meat") sandwich is $6. And they throw in a free soda.

Now, their deli offerings are incredibly diverse. They have very good sharp, hard provolone from Sclafani for under $8 a pound (I've paid $14 a pound at D&D). They have an incredible variety of polish-style meats and cheeses, including two smoked cheese offerings that I'd never tried before but I keep going back to.

The olives are good, but avoid the pre-made, flavorless cole slaw, potato salad, etc.

The rest of the store is a combination of greengrocer/Polish specialty store. I never leave that place without picking yet another glass jar of pickled vegetable salad. There are so many to choose from I have yet to find one I really like.

Vegetables are usually in very good condition. The modest selection focuses on what's good and in-season. The prices are lower than what you'll spend in the supermarket.

'Hounds: set aside at least an hour to give this place a good look-see. For the specialty foods/ingredients alone you could spend an hour.

Warning: arrive one minute after 6:30 at night and you'll be told the deli's closed. They clean-up promptly at that time, even though they don't turn all the "open" signs/lights out until 7:00.

Veggie World Market
749 New Britain Avenue
Newington, CT 06111-4351
(860) 665-8288

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  1. Thanks for this post! I used to buy most of my produce at Veggie World when I lived in that area. The prices are low, but you have to be selective at times. The specialty items are worth taking the time to peruse and certainly fun to try!

    I will definitely make the time to check out the deli selections!

    1. 'shaogo': A BIG thanks to you for this post! The Chowmobile was going through Newington and I stopped here before a gathering at 'Cavos' for a taste of their Thursday "Meze" menu of small plates. Knowing the plan afterwards I didn't pick up any of the Polish-styled cheeses(or meats)...but could you share any that you've particularly liked? I'd like to eventually sample my way through them all but a far more informed recommendation from you and a starting point for narrowing down their many choices would truly be appreciated.

      Overjoyed with my Polish/Eastern European grocery purchases and then the Greek food/wine tasting that followed, the only appropriate finale was to keep driving past the Stew Leonard's on the way home while displaying the "one fingered victory salute". This made me feel even least I could somehow express that this "bird" thinks Stew's is really "number one" after all. Happily taking in the first two worthy spots and then blowing by the last: What more could I ask for in such a Chow-worthy excursion? Ah, it's these simple joys in life that move me so. :) .

      Even this clown knows the one fingered victory salute to Stew's:
      The "bird" IS the word:

      1. Thankyou so very much for this recommendation! I find myself working out that way in Newington/New Britain often. I knew I would be out there during lunch today so i figured I would do a chowhound search. What a great find. First I scored some great produce and dried fruits at fantastic prices. Then I scored Boars Head etc deli meats at a fraction of the grocery store prices. I was dissappointed they had no soup today but was delighted with my hot pastrami sandwich. I will definately be a regular when I find myself out that way.
        BTW, I noticed an Italian Public Market heading back towards Newington on New Britain ave. Does anyone know if it is worth a stop?