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Jan 4, 2010 10:54 AM

Roosevelt Ave from Sunnyside to Flushing

Dear All
I have read many posts and am sure that I will be pointed towards old threads, so please forgive me if this topic is somewhat old, but I am starting a project that requires eating out specifically on Roosevelt ave, in many different neighborhoods, even though there are amazing places off of the avenue as well. If there are any of you out there that are extra passionate about any one place, whether it be restaurant or vendor, even if it's been said many times before, would you be willing to share it with me? Thank you so much!

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      Thanks, I have read that and I will definitely use the info there.

    2. I love Tacontento (96-15 Roosevelt) for tacos.

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      1. re: dhs

        I will definitely try there, thanks!

      2. You might be interested in the link from this thread:

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        1. re: E Eto

          Wow, that's amazing! Thanks so much.

        2. Tia Julia has a brick and mortar on 68th (69?), I go there now but Coatzingo is still great. UFC chicken is good, but I've only been once, wasn't inspired to go back over all the other options. I like El Sitio, oaround 69th but I go for lunch and it's real good, not sure if it's a destination, tho the places has tons of character. There's also Jose Fish Market which I've heard alot about and am getting ready to go.

          I haven't mentioned anything thats not already discussed on the board.

          Taqueria Coatzingo
          76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

          El Sitio
          6828 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

          Jose Fish Market
          81-04 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

          Tia Julia
          68-06 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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          1. re: 2slices

            Thanks! Let me know how the fish market is. I'm not necessarily only looking for destination-y places, I want to try places that I haven't been to and get recommendations from regulars about what sorts of things they like to order. Do you have any favorite dishes at the places you mentioned?

            1. re: sdgmg

              Mangal - Lamuchan, lentil soup, gyro, homemade bread. But lamuchan most of all.
              Tia Julia - tlacoyo, havent tried much else, but the cemita is said the be tops
              Coatzingo - cemitas, anything in pipians sauce, tacos lengua and birria de res
              El Sitio - cuban sandwiches, ropa vieja, rice and beans, soup

              Taqueria Coatzingo
              76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              46-20 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

              El Sitio
              6828 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Tia Julia
              68-06 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              1. re: 2slices

                Mangal is good, but it's on Queens Blvd.

                1. re: jaingmaster

                  true but the post does say from Sunnyside to Flushing, and there is no Roosevelt Ave in Sunnyside!

                  1. re: Widmark

                    Thanks for the recs! Yes, I am including Queens Blvd in Sunnyside because my project is following the 7 train so while most of it is roosevelt, I didn't want to miss out on QB.

                    1. re: sdgmg

                      Welcome to Chowhound, sdgmg.

                      "project"? I do hope you intend to credit Chowhound for any information you glean from this site, and link the results of your project here.

                      What have you discovered so far? Anything delicious worth sharing with fellow hounds?

                      1. re: squid kun

                        Thanks for the welcome! Of course I would love to credit anyone who gave me a great rec. So far I've been wandering around Sunnyside, and here's where I'm at so far in the blog: went to Mangal for lunch before I read 2slices faves, tried an empanada at Fritzie's bakery in Woodside, and had lunch at Tangra Asian Fusion in Sunnyside. These choices have been made purely by location, I'm trying to start at the 40th st stop and work my way to Flushing. Fritzie's was just because I walked by it on the way home.
                        Here's the blog so far:
                        and I am so appreciative of everyone for posting!

                        Fritzie's Bake Shop
                        69-10 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

                        1. re: sdgmg

                          Thanks for the blog link. Knowing what you're trying to do is helpful in providing suggestions.

                          I haven't seen any mention of Donovan's on this thread yet. I don't adore the burger quite as much as some others do, but a tour of Roosevelt would hardly be complete without it.

                          I assume you'll be skipping Sripraphai since it's technically on 39th Ave, but Zabb fits your requirements. There have been reports on this board that it's gone downhill, though I disagree: I've eaten there twice already this year and had great meals both times.

                          Good luck!

                          Zabb Elee
                          71-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

                          57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

                          1. re: jaingmaster

                            I love getting new posts! I am forming my list and Donovan's is on it, once I hit Woodside, I hope the burger is good. Even if it isn't the best burger in Queens, I'm more in it for the experience.
                            I'm glad that Zabb is on Roosevelt so I can do some Thai. And Sri is so close to Roosevelt it might as well be on it, right?

            2. re: 2slices

              Tia Julia store has been closed for 2 weeks?!! WTF?

            3. A few other posts to look at:

              I started to think about where I usually end up when I'm wandering off the 7 train. Here are some places that I've been to or have been meaning to go to. I'm sure I've missed some, but it's a start.

              40th St
              *Tangra Asian Fusion: see dish recs here:
              *El Shater:
              *Natural Tofu: I usually stick with the mixed soondobu. Isn't my favorite soondobu place, but it's close and decent.
              Irish bars: PJ Horgans, Gaslight, etc. Some exploration of the food menu is due. Some have suggested the burgers are pretty good.

              46th St
              *Mangal Kabab: doner on the house baked pide bread.
              *Azteca restaurant: al pastor tacos. I don't really care for any of the taco trucks around there.
              *Tito Rad's: seems like a standard Filipino joint, but haven't tried it.

              52nd St
              *La Flor: I tend to stick to breakfast and dessert items. Not my favorite place, but it's decent.
              *Mojitos: Any word on this place?
              *El Rey de Oro taco truck: I find the tacos mediocre, but it has its fans.
              *Cacerolas: Colombian bandeja plates
              *The Ecuadorian places like Chimborazo, Mi Pais could use a review. I usually go further east for my Ecuadorian fix.
              Further afield: Sapori d'Ischia

              61st St/Woodside
              *Peppino's Pizza: Grandma slice.
              *Donovan's Pub: Burger with grilled onions.
              *Rumphool. Standard Thai menu, but still above average compared to anything in Manhattan. Happy that they deliver.
              *Center Point Thai: Still working my way through the menu, but good salads, and noodles so far. Also like that they deliver.
              *Engeline's: Standard Filipino menu. Nicer ambiance than the places around 69th St.
              *Peking Chicken: Arguably the best rotisserie chicken in Woodside. I like these guys better than the Casa de Pollo Peruano chain.
              *Mango's: So far, I've been getting empanadas and almojabanas, and other sweets. I like the almojabanas. Haven't tried the regular food yet.
              *Sripraphai: Too much said on these boards already. Search and you'll see.
              *Izalco: Very good pupusas. I also enjoy the chile rellenos (not sure if they're called that on the menu)
              *Jollibee: Good fried chicken. Don't care so much for the side dishes.
              *Tacos y Quesadillas Mexico: The second best tacos in the Woodside area (but the best during the days). The lengua and carnitas are the standouts. As are the quesadillas.
              *Braulio y Familia: Decent seafood and meats menu. Haven't been back in a while.
              *La Frontera/El Paso/Tacos Mexico/Mariachi/El Tequilero: Dueling middling Mexican joints. Need to revisit one of these days.
              *Koba (formerly Friend's House). Reconcepted to be a more fast-food friendly place than the old Friend's House. Likely to draw more people than its predecessor, with a friendly picture menus, and cafeteria style arrangement.
              *Red Ribbon Bakery: Really good mango cake (a nostalgic fave from LA), kind of the best version of a supermarket bakery cake. They also offer regular food items. Kind of afraid to go there.
              Further afield: Spicy Mina, Casa del Pollo, Rinconcito de Mama, Hyderabadi

              69th St
              *Renee's: Probably my favorite of the Filipino joints around 69th St. Good overall with better stews than the competition.
              *Ihawan: 2nd favorite, but the grilled foods tend to be the better choice here.
              *Krystal's: Standard Filipino fare. Might fall to all the new competition in the area.
              *Fritzie's: Brand new bakery/turo turo joint. Opened around the new year 2010. The food looks good. Especially the lechon sitting behind the counter.
              *Tia Julia: My favorite cemita in Queens. Especially the milanesa de res. Huge sandwich.
              *El Sitio: Up and down over the years, but seems to be on an upswing. I've liked most everything I've had in my last few visits. Good place for a quick, cheap cubano, and coffee.
              *Cuatro Vientos Taco truck: The best tacos in the Woodside area. Best suadero I've had in Queens. The lengua and carnitas also excellent.
              *Tropical: New Ecuadorian place. Need to explore the menu more.
              *Pollos a la Brasa Marion: Open 24 hours. Really? I haven't ventured around there in the wee wee hours, but they're open and I'm comforted that there's something I can get at any hour. OK chicken, good rice and beans.
              Further afield: Chu Ying

              74th St/Broadway
              *Kababish: Favorite Indian take-out in the area. The kabab rolls makes for a good quick, cheap sandwich. Much better, fresher food than what's served at the halal carts.
              *Kabab King Cafe: Great long-standing institution, still going strong. About the only place I can still find tawa keema. Not a lot of variety for the lunch buffet, but good, aggresively spiced fare.
              *Sammy's, Kahn's, Student Biryani, halal carts: Decent cheap halal cart food, but nothing to out of the way for. I like Kahn's much better than Sammy's.
              *Himilayan Yak: Still going through the menu, but seems to be consistent. I feel like I'm one of the few who actually likes the yak butter tea.
              *Hae Woon Dae: Above average Korean in the area, without having to schlep to Flushing. Gotta order a few BBQ dishes to get the coals.
              *Zabb: Seems to still be going strong, serving up Issan Thai. Larb and salads especially. Good noodles too. Most of the local Thai folks still seem to order the hot pot.
              *Delhi Heights: Pricy but good quality Indian. Nice ambiance as well.
              *Maharaja Sweets: My standby for vegetarian fare. I really like the lemon rice here (don't see it at too many other places).
              *Dosa Cafe: When you need a dosa, this is probably the place.
              *La Porteña: Good Argentine steaks. Had a taste of the pork chops here as well, which were quite good. I haven't been here in a while since I tend to go to La Fusta if I have a choice.
              *Mustang Thakali: Gets raves around here, but still haven't tried it.
              *Deshi Biryani: Seems inconsistent, but can be good if you order well.
              *Mehfil: One of my top contenders of the buffets around JH. The food is not so aggressively spiced but most everything is carefully cooked, and well kept. I can't stop eating the tomato chutney.
              *Miracali: It could use a good cleaning, but I've had decent empanadas and other fried stuff. Decent pastries.
              *Los Arrierros: Homey place for big plates of meaty food. There's another homey shop right across the street (or a block down), featuring pretty much the same menu... can't remember the name.
              *Hornado Ecuatoriano: I tend to go here when I hanker for a plate of roast pork with that crackling skin.
              *El Pasito taco cart: Another top taco cart contender. Very good carnitas and lengua. But the huitlacoche quesadilla is one of the better offerings.
              *El Gallo Giro taco cart: Might be the best place for a carne asada taco. Really experienced young taquero making serving dozens at a time look easy.
              *Taqueria Coatzingo: A chowhound fave. One of the better places for al pastor in NYC. The birria the res and lengua are also not to be missed. Specials can be hit or miss, but really off the charts good when it's a hit.
              *UFC: I've never met a piece of Korean fried chicken I didn't like. Some are better than others, but UFC is close and easy. For something similar, I would go to the Korean noodle place on Broadway, on the same block as Hae Woon Dae for some noodles and fried chicken dishes.
              *La Abundancia: New Colombian bakery/eatery. Have only tried almojabanas and buñelos and a quick pastry. I'm liking it so far.
              Further afield: Legend's Bar & Grill, Ayada

              82nd St
              *Arepa lady cart: Get an arepa at some other joint and enjoy it. Then get one from the Arepa lady and you'll see why her's are so much better.
              *Cositas Ricas: Pretty solid Colombian chain. Good inexpensive meaty plates and baked goods. Always seems crowded.
              *Casa del Pollo Peruano: Good rotisserie chicken joint. I like the fried rice here better than most Chinese places.
              *Tacos Guichos cart: A decent cart. Nothing really a standout, but mostly solid, but goes downhill if they're overwhelmed. Happens more than I like.
              *Pequeña Colobiana. Meson Colombiano: Standard Colombian restaurants for meaty plates. You get the sense that I'm not the biggest fan of Colombian food? It might be because I tend to get the same things. I should probably branch out from my rut. But the catch-22 is that I go for *Colombian to get the meaty plates.
              *Super Avena Almojabana/Pan de Bono: A freshly cooked hot almojabana/pan de bono is pretty heavenly. They always seem to be hot from the oven.
              *Las Americas bakery: Standard Colombian baked goods.
              *Taqueria Coatzingo: Second branch of the Coatzingo empire. Most everything here tastes just like the stuff at the original.
              *Chivito d'Oro: Uruguayan steak place. You can get the standard, good steaks, but go for a chivito if you want something different.
              *La Nueva Bakery: Nice place to sit and relax. I haven't found anything out of the ordinary, but I haven't looked that hard either.
              *Picada Azuaya: Not sure why, but I go for stews here more than anything else. Probably because that's what I liked when I first went. Still pretty good, but I should try to order some different items.
              *Arunee: Pretty reliable Thai, though probaly not as strong as Sripraphai. It doubles as a temple during the off-hours, which seems like a good sign to me.
              Further afield: Pio Pio

              90th St
              *Tia Julia Antojitos truck:
              *Buenos Aires Bakery: Haven't tried too many things here, since I prefer to get most Argentine pastries at Rio de la Plata. Can't figure out what they specialize in, or what looks really fresh.
              *Plaza Garibaldi: One of the better Mexican places around this strip, but not for tacos. The platos are good, as are the side rice/beans/salsa. One of the only places you can get a pambazo de tinga around Queens.
              *Cholula Bakery: Not the bakery itself, but during the weekends, and warmer weather, there's a street stall set up right in front. They have one of the better al pastor spits in Queens. They also serve esquites and other corn items depending on the season/weather.
              *Nueva Estrella China: Colombian-Chinese place. I'm still trying to figure out what's good.
              *La Cancha: Argentine pizza joint. I prefer La Esquina in Corona, but this will do in a pinch.
              *Urubamba: Haven't been here since it switched over from Inti Raymi. Wasn't the biggest fan of Inti Raymi and opted to go to any of the other *Peruvian places in Corona or on Northern Blvd. Probably deserves a visit.
              *Bella Puebla: Another contender for a decent al pastor joint. But highly inconsistent.
              *Quesadilla cart: Nice friendly quesadilla cart folks. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I go to support them when I get a chance.
              Further afield: El Sol, Punto Fijo, Despaña

              Junction Blvd
              *Ecuadorian trucks on Warren St: The row of 3 Ecuadorian trucks is so enticing, but I always seem to pass by AFTER I've eaten.
              *Rincon Criollo: Arguably the best Cuban place in NYC. Need to go here more often.
              *Tulcingo Deli: Another decent al pastor joint. It might depend on who's making the food though. I've had some things that bordered on dry and tasteless, and other times juicy and flavorful.
              Further afield: Rio de la Plata bakery, Esquina Criolla, El Gauchito

              103rd St
              *Pollo Campero: Guatamalan fried chicken chain. They made a push in the NYC area several years ago, but this might be one of the two remaining shops in the city.
              *La Espiga: Was once a powerhouse for al pastor, but seems to have fizzled out over the years. Need to revisit to see if they've improved their act.
              *Las Delicias Peruano: Not sure if this Peruvian place is still open. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Haven't been by in a while to confirm.
              Further afield: Leo's Latticini, Tortilleria Nixtamal, Timmy O's Frozen Custard, Lemon Ice King

              I don't think I've gone much further than 103rd St for food. I usually wind up in Flushing if I go any further. This part of town probably needs further exploration. Flushing probably belongs in another post.

              58-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              El Sol
              87-07 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

              El Chivito D'Oro
              84-02 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Unidentified Flying Chickens
              71-22 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              37-68 79th St, Queens, NY 11372

              Taqueria Coatzingo
              76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Chu Ying
              6721 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              40-06 70th St, Queens, NY 11377

              69-02 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Renee's Kitchenette
              69-14 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Despana Brand Foods
              86-17 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

              Zabb Elee
              71-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Pio Pio
              84-02 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

              Kabab King Diner
              73-01 37th Rd, Queens, NY 11372

              Rincon Criollo
              40-09 Junction Blvd, Queens, NY 11368

              64-13 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Sapori d'Ischia
              55-15 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Leo's Latticini
              46-02 104th St, Queens, NY 11368

              46-20 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

              Hae Woon Dae
              75-32 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373

              El Sitio
              6828 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Punto Fijo
              89-12 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

              P.J. Horgan's
              42-17 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

              57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              The Arepa Lady
              Roosevelt Ave and 79th St, Queens, NY 11372

              Natural Tofu
              40-06 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

              Lemon Ice King of Corona
              52-02 108th St, Queens, NY 11368

              La Pequena Colombia
              83-27 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              86-20 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              La Esquina Criolla
              94-67 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11373

              El Gauchito
              94-60 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11373

              La Portena
              74-25 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              La Nueva Bakery
              86-10 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Tangra Asian Fusion
              39-23 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

              Cositas Ricas
              79-19 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              La Flor Bakery and Cafe
              53-02 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Taqueria Coatzingo
              40-18 82nd St, Queens, NY 11373

              Braulio's and Familia
              39-08 63rd St, Queens, NY 11377

              La Picada Azuaya
              84-19 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              64-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Dosa Place
              35-66 73rd St, Queens, NY 11372

              La Casa del Pollo Peruano
              81-12 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Las Delicias
              43-07 104th St, Queens, NY 11368

              Peppino's Pizza
              39-63 61st St, Queens, NY 11377

              Tia Julia
              91st St and Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Los Arrieros
              76-02 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Buenos Aires Bakery
              90-09 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Plaza Garibaldi
              89-12 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Rio de la Plata
              94-65 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11373

              Delhi Heights
              37-66 74th St, Queens, NY 11372

              64-02 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              El Paso
              64-06 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Maharaja Sweets and Snacks
              7310 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              43-17 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

              Mustang Thakali Kitchen
              74-14 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              39-61 61st St, Queens, NY 11377

              La Cancha
              90-11 Elmhurst Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              76-05 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              62-29 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Thailand's Center Point
              63-19 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              77-08 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11373

              57-17 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Peking BBQ
              58-11 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              El Mariachi
              67-12 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              64-16 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Tacos Mexico
              64-09 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Rincon Azteca
              47-16 Greenpoint Ave, Queens, NY 11104

              Tortilleria Nixtamal
              104-05 47th Ave, Queens, NY 11368

              La Frontera
              64-03 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Las Americas Bakery
              93-04 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11362

              La Casa del Pollo
              64-01 Broadway, Queens, NY 11377

              Tito Rad's
              49-12 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11377

              Tacos Guicho
              Roosevelt Ave and 84th St, Queens, NY 11373

              73rd St and Broadway, Queens, NY 11372

              Sammy's Halal
              73rd St and Broadway, Queens, NY 11372

              Los Cuatro Vientos
              Roosevelt Ave and 65th St, Queens, NY 11377

              El Rinconcito de Mama
              63-14 Broadway, Queens, NY 11377

              El Tequilero
              39-22 61st St, Queens, NY 11377

              Himalayan Yak
              72-20 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Tia Julia
              68-06 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Miracali Bakery
              76-04 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              La Abundancia
              63-10 Broadway, Queens, NY 11377

              Bella Puebla
              94-11 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              Legends Sports Bar
              71-04 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              El Meson Colombiano
              82-11 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              40-10 Junction Blvd, Queens, NY 11368

              Mi Pais
              53-16 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Red Ribbon Bakeshop
              65-02 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              33-15 56th St, Queens, NY 11377

              53-22 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Fritzie's Bake Shop
              69-10 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

              Pollo Campero
              10316 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11368

              7 Replies
              1. re: E Eto

                WOW E Eto!!! Such a great list! I will add to the one that I am slowly making. So many places that it's overwhelming but I would love to try them all. Even the stuff off the ave, I might have to make exceptions for. It's going to take a while to make it up to Flushing anyway....
                Thanks for all of your info, I love it, and I would love to get comments on the blog too.

                1. re: sdgmg

                  Not sure if you're staying with your rule of eating ON Roosevelt or eating really good stuff OFF Roosevelt, but I would say 50% might not actually be ON Roosevelt. In fact, if you do make it to Flushing, you'll find very little great stuff to eat ON Roosevelt. It's a stupid rule to set if you're looking to eat well off the 7 train. And if you want comments, you should repost your blog entries on these boards.

                  1. re: E Eto

                    I understand what you are saying: I know that there may be an amazing Thai restaurant a few blocks away from a mediocre one directly on Roosevelt Ave. What I am trying to do is explore one specific route, under the train tracks, and what it offers, as an experiment. It doesn't mean that I don't or won't go and eat at all of the great places off of the route, I live here in Queens and can go out whenever. It just means that I am setting some rules in order to have a project with a start and finish: systematically working my way down one avenue, neighborhood by neighborhood, until I reach the end. I wanted to give myself a structured challenge, even if it sounds stupid. I am not trying to be a critic, it is more about a food journey, in which I will taste and experience things that I wouldn't have necessarily if I just stuck to the same places. I appreciate all of the feedback.

                  2. re: sdgmg

                    Second Rincon Criollo, it's great. Went with a Miami Cuban friend who lives in the EV and the only thing besides "oh my god" was that the very good arroz con pollo wasn't quite as good as his Mom's. The inside is as kitsch as it gets, which he said is a goood sign.

                    Tropical that Eto mentioned has a couple other branches, one of which I frequent is on Greenpoint ave next to the LIE. They have a dish, not sure the name but if you order shrimp in spicy red sauce you'll be getting the right one. Also short ribs, they come out on a sizzling platter and are greasy as all get out but really tasty.

                    Here's a link to a really old post from when I first found the place. Recently NY mag listed them for a certain beef soup they make, I don't love that but there's lots of other good stuff there.


                    36-10 Greenpoint Ave, Queens, NY 11101

                    1. re: 2slices

                      Tropical sounds good, not sure how to work it in but I can try! I used to go to Rincon Criollo when I lived off of Junction Blvd, haven't been there in a very long time. Would love to do it again...

                  3. re: E Eto

                    cmon, put a little effort into that list, eto...

                    1. re: E Eto

                      Sadly... Khan's is not there anymore. Sammy's bought them over a little while ago, so my bf and I have forced to eat at Sammy's. Sammy's, however, did adopt the rice recipe from Khan's... but the rice has recently become very salty.