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Jan 4, 2010 10:54 AM

Sources for duck breasts in Worcester County?

Seems like the major markets have whole frozen duck - so solid they could be used as wheel chocks and would take a day + to thaw - but fresh /refrigerated duck harder to come by. Trader Joes? Whole Foods? Haven't been in a while but would appreciate recommendations. I am in southern Worcester, but will drive to central and northern areas if the stuff is top drawer.



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  1. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I've gotten non frozen duck breast at Hannafords and Shaw's from: this link will take you to the retail part of their website. I was trying to remember the brand, I knew it came in a small brown box. I did a search in duck suppliers and this was the one I was thinking about.

    I only cook it for someone, I don't eat it, but never had any complaints. These are not huge portions, but okay with some good sides.

    However when I did my google search, after reading about the farms, not sure I'll be buying duck too soon again.

    I'll post that link, just be prepared for reading some not too kind words about duck supply houses. Not sure who this link is actually from, I had to stop reading it, as it doesn't take much to make me queasy sometimes. You may be able to get through it without any problems. It also had a list of retailers who had Maple Leaf and other brands..

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      Thanks Hummingbird - yes, that was the FROZEN brand I spied in the bin at both Hannaford and Shaws in Whitinsville/ Uxbridge. I will check out the link.

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        The Hannafords was Townsend and Nashua, Shaws Nashua and milford NH. Next time I'm in sometime this week I'll see if they still carry it.

        They were not frozen, Hannafords had them in the same area non frozen meats along with bison and maybe buffalo or are they the same thing?

    2. I've gotten duck breast at BJ's before. I believe TJ's has it too. I got a whole BELL and Evans duck at Whole foods last week. It wasn't any better than Maple Leaf I've gotten at S and S.

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        This isnt in the area but its very high quality and humanely raised.

        They ship anywhere.

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          Hi there - I found fresh duck breasts at the just opened (yesterday) Market Basket in Oxford and a Nature Food place on Chandler Street in Worcester. Also saw them at Super Stop & Shop in Milford this afternoon, so they ARE out there.. Thanks to all for the replies and help!