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Jan 4, 2010 10:32 AM

"Salt Sticks" or caraway croissants with salt from the bakery. Where's the bakery?

Has everyone forgotten "salt sticks" at the bakery?

Years ago when living in New York the bakeries offered "salt sticks." These were what looked like croissants, baked; but the pastry is tougher than croissants. The outside is washed with egg and sprinkled with coarse salt and caraway seeds before baking.

I'll date myself and tell you that the first place I had these was at the venerable Butter-Crisp Bakery on Union Street in Flushing (long gone).

I've stumbled into a couple of bakeries in Queens looking for these, and they don't have them anymore. Where can we find these in Brooklyn/Queens?

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    from difaras awesome rainbow cookies too
    call to verify if they have the salt sticks their onion buns looked awesome
    chocolate bobka to die for

    Isaac's Bake Shop
    1419 Ave J, Brooklyn, NY 11230

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      What are the "onion buns" you mentioned? I'm hankering for Miami rolls (onions on the inside as well as outside!) but haven't done much about it. Some good salt sticks would be great too!

      1. re: noisejoke

        onion buns are a rectangle bun with onions inside but not too many occasionally with poppy seeds which are translucent
        on the outside there are onion bits which are dark and the crust is flaky
        thebun itself is s oft and chewy i ate them with cream chees and sometimes butter
        not with lox which requires a bread that offers resistance such as a bialy or bagel

        great bagels by the way at bergen bagels near pratt at vanderbilt
        evrything at issacs is special
        they are lovely wonderful gracious and polite perople
        i just adore them it is the bakery of my youth from 55 years ago

        Bergen Bagels
        486 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

        1. re: foodismylife

          Sounds like Miami rolls to me! Excellent!

          I assume Issac's is closed Saturday?

          1. re: noisejoke

            you got that right, strictly kosher
            to explain why it took 34 years to get married i now remember eating the onion buns with sweet butter and raw onion
            no wonder i couldn't get a date
            dont forget the chocolate bobka cinnamon buns blueberry danish and rainbow cookies
            because of them i had to fast yesterday

            1. re: foodismylife

              Teena's on Ralph Ave in Canarsie , They have been there since the 50's , All baking done on premise Salt stick , Miami rolls ,Onion rolls you name it .

              Teena's Cake Fair
              1568 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236

              1. re: FAL

                Thanks, FAL. I haven't been to a bakery or much else in Canarsie at least since we sold my grandparents' house (Grabsteins RIP).
                Teena's sounds like the place! Honestly, I find modern Jewish (Kosher) baking frequently lacking. I've yet to find anything in Boro Park that reminds me of the great stuff from my childhood (mostly on LI, believe it or not).

                Foodismylife - butter and raw onion? You sound like my kind of gal!

                1. re: noisejoke

                  THANKS for the approval of butter and raw onions and although i had curly white hair for my first five years that my mother of blessed memory refused to cut i am a 62 year immature guy who equates food with love
                  as i tell my wife and kids you dont go to jail or get divorced or wind up on the front pages of the a[per for over eating
                  trust me isaacs is the real deal with difara across the street you will have a memorable day
                  dont forget to get the artichoke on the sicilian the mushroom is forgetable but the pepperoni is good and spicy ask for extra too sparing in my book works on the round oie better
                  forza food

                    1. re: noisejoke

                      And the bakeries you remember, with such great prune and cheese danish, rugelach, rolls, sticks, all that...going the dodo-bird way. You will NOT find any dairy goodness in the newfangled Hasidic-owned bakery.

                      As we call to mind: N.E.Tell's on Church Avenue and East 3rd Street, Honey & Spice on Clinton Street & East Broadway (Lower East Side)...and so many, many more!

          2. re: foodismylife

            Allenbee's bakery on neptune avenue use to have the best salt sticks, and onion pletzel, to die for, but like so many great bakeries the father passed away and the sisters just couldn't keep it going on a holiday I would wait for hours to get the best fruit mandel in brooklyn,

          3. Bagel Oasis along the Horace Harding in Queens used to have salt sticks. don't know if they still do, but it's worth a call. (718) 359-9245

            Bagel Oasis
            183-12 Horace Harding Expy, Queens, NY 11365

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            1. re: IWantFood

              Oddly enough, the Stop and Shop in Monroe Township, NJ recently started baking them in their bakery dept. Not as good as the Teena's or Poppy's from old time Canarsie, but not half bad either. They use a coarse salt and not too many caraways. Guess there's enough of the old Brooklyn Jewish population down there that has sparked some sort of demand for them to be carried in a large supermarket chain.