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Jan 4, 2010 10:29 AM

Chestnut Hill Rehearsal Dinner help!


My friend is having her wedding at the Valley Green Inn and she wants to have the rehearsal dinner the night before in the Chestnut Hill area. I think most of the rehearsal dinner guests are going to stay at the Chestnut Hill Hotel. My friend is not from the area and I'm just familar with Philly. Where could 10 people plus one child go for a reasonably priced rehearsal dinner? I would like a place in walking distance to the hotel or a quick drive away. Most of the rehearsal dinner guests don't have exciting palettes or drink alcohol.

I just saw a bad review for Solaris Grille. I was thinking about Earth, Bread, and Brewery but I'll be one of the few throwing back some beers. I do like the oven cooked pizzas...

Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.

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  1. If it's a Thursday or Friday night, you could go to Cake. Very pretty setting, in Robertson's former greenhouse. Those who drink can take wine with them. It's byob.

    1. I second the Cake recommendation. You could also try the Wine Thief, which I haven't been to but people really seem to like.

      1. The restaurant in the Chestnut Hill Hotel would be easy. There's a bar upstairs and tables downstairs. The food and atmosphere are fine, nothing special, but pleasant, with food that would appeal to most palates (pasta, burgers, fish, etc.).

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          Cin Cin is within walking distance if Chinese would work. There is a back room that is semi-private.

        2. although not downtown, chestnut hill is "philly."

          walking distance from the hotel, the options are relatively few.
          i've walked to and form there to go to EBB, but most people wouldn't.

          i guess the question is, do you want to have dinner for 10, and it doesn't matter that there are other peopel around? or is there some sort of ceremonial requiring a private seating area?
          also, have you asked at the hotel? there are a lot of weddings that book hotels there, so i'm sure they've been asked this before.
          oh, and if you don't mind pre-visiting the wedding location, VG could probably devote one of its smaller rooms to your party. (Not sure if that's bad luck or not).

          1. I like the Wine Thief suggestion but they probably can't do a group seating of ten. General Lafayette Inn & Brewery on Germantown Ave in Lafayette Hill is roomy and cozy but the food is average. EB+B can seat ten if you call ahead but they only serve flatbread pizza and a few apps. Pubs like Tavern at the Top of the Hill or McMenamins could squeeze ten and both have solid pub food and decent entrees. Your safest bet is probably Cin Cin.

            Good luck

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              Another option the other way down germantown ave is Earth Bread and Brewery.Technically they are in Mount Airy... They are definitely family friendly. Menu is small but the flatbreads really are good there as are the soups and the salads. The other reason I mention it is they have a new big table in the back that easily seats 10 at the table. Its cut out of a single piece of I believe oak, and is gorgeous piece of furniture.

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                Oh LOVE McMenamins too. I personally wouldn't do it for a rehearsal dinner because it's just a bar to me, but if you are looking fun casual and don't care. It's fun and good food.