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Jan 4, 2010 09:14 AM

Best cheesecake in SF?

My husband would like cheesecake for his birthday. Normally I'd bake one, but am currently without a kitchen. I'm not crazy about Schubert's - too light and airy - prefer a denser cheesecake. I've never tried Zanze's or Cheesecake Factory. Any flavor except chocolate is potentially OK - hubby loves cherry.

What are your recommendations for the best cheesecake in San Francisco?

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  1. Has Just Desserts stopped making cheesecake or do they just fail to list it among the products on their Web site? Recent topic on the same subject:

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks for the link. I searched the board for "cheesecake" before posting, but somehow did not see this result (maybe didn't scroll through all the pages).

    2. My favorite Cheesecake in the SF area is from a small bakery in San Anselmo called "Sweet Cheeses." They bake only for restaurants, caterers, and a few retail outlets. Their cheesecakes are available at Brian's in Laurel Village on California Street, but you can also contact them via their phone number which is on their web site. A friend of mine special-ordered their cheesecakes and a killer chocolate mouse torte for a party recently. Both were fantastic. The cheesecake is NOT the frothy type - Zanze's is a light rendition - or "factory" prepared in large quantities ala Cheesecake Factory. It is a classic NY type cheesecake, and Sweet Cheeses also makes seasonally flavored ones as well. I tried their pumpkin cheesecake at Thanksgiving and loved it.

      For a large party ask them if they will do the cheesecake and Chocolate mouse torte cut in sqare pieces and presented in a checkerboard pattern.

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        Thanks. I go to Bryan's a lot and will look for Sweet Cheeses' cheesecake.

      2. Not cheep but a friend of mine absolutely gushes about these. They had them at Costco at one point but haven't seen them in awhile.

        1. If you like the lighter, frothier style, Zanze's is definitely the place