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Jan 4, 2010 09:09 AM

pineapple upside down cake

I have a friend that loves pineapple upside down cake.Where can I buy one?

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  1. Chrysta at Kiss My Bundt makes an AMAZING pineapple upside-down bundt. Pre-order it as they probably won't have samples of that one sitting around. I've never ordered one by I've tried it during the occasional open tasting days that she throws where she's got tons of free samples of some of her more uncommon flavors. But trust me you won't be disappointed. I ordered a full-sized bourbon bundt once and it was sublime. You could always sample a mini-bundt in person there to get an idea of what they serve. But know that a slice from a full-size bundt is always going to be more satisfying than one of the mini-bundts, because it has more volume relative to surface area and thus stays a lot more moist in the center. Either way, it's hard to go wrong there.

    Btw I'm pretty sure you can order the same day if you call in the morning. I thought she said once that she only needs 4-5 hours, though I might be wrong about that.

      1. Bobby Flay's Throwdown last night has me craving for this; anyone know of a location (other than Roy's) in OC?

        Thank you.

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          Greetings OCAnn & hungrybob!

          I too share your love for pineapple upside down cake. My mom’s was the best ever. One of the best since that I’ve enjoyed was at Tradition by Pascal. It is a revolving item on their dessert menu. Pascal Epicerie, adjacent to Tradition, will make one up for you on special order – 24 hours advance, feeds 6-8 for $28. Fabulous!

          Pascal Epicerie
          1000 N. Bristol
          Newport Beach, CA. 92660
          (949) 263 9400

          Recently, I made an exceptional one at home using the following Famous Dave’s recipe:

          Take care not to over blend the batter, as the cake will not rise sufficiently.

          Bon Appetit!

          Tradition by Pascal
          1000 Bristol St N, Newport Beach, CA 92660

          1. re: degustateur

            Thank you! Hopefully, I'll make PE this wknd since I did not last wknd. And I'll print the recipe for Mr OCAnn to bake in the near future! =D

        2. I saw it at the Viktor Benes bakery located in Gelson's market